Martin crushed that one

He is seeing the ball really well this week. I think that ball went into the parking lot beyond the grounds crew storage area in left field.

Maybe he’s mad Kjerstad was named SEC freshman of the year?

I know some don’t like the bat flip, etc., but I love it.


Let’s hope he stays mad! Never a doubt on that one.

Stealing a phrase from Gashog!

What Dudley said!!

That pitch was a mattress ball, the kind you just lay on.

that ball was castrated!!!never saw where it landed :lol: :lol:

I thought Spanberger crushed a few last year in Hoover, but that one was beyond crushed. If he’d hit that at Baum it might be out on Razorback Road.

The dude walking out past the fence never heard or saw anything.


He was definitely in danger and didn’t know it!