Martin and McFarland

On Wednesday eve:

The two M’s…both 0 for 4 ABs…a total of 4 K’s versus Texas’s non-weekenders. No walks. No RBI’s. Not much offense.

Much was made of the near awful pitching last Wednesday at Texas by the Hog throwers…but, there were some bad hitting attempts, too.

My fingers remain crossed but the M’s are really struggling.

The only thing wrong with Martin and my opinion is he’s not swinging at strikes.he is in one of those funks where he takes the pitch right down the middle and swings at pitches out of the strike zone.he is going to have to realize that they are going to continue to pick him up in the zone and low and away until he starts taking them once he starts swinging at strikes you will see him start to crush the ball.
McFarland swings at good pitches he just swing right through them it’s kind of strange he’s not far from hitting all those pitches but none the less he is missing them

In baseball it’s called a SLUMP. And it becomes mental. Major league players w huge contracts go thru whole seasons and never break out of it. Hopefully Casey get’s going Friday.

*Casey is a marked man this year.

Don’t worry about Casey Martin! He’s talented and will get hot. He just needs to be more patient and try to hit everything to RF! He’s getting himself out right now. Pitchers aren’t getting the fastball by him!
Soft stuff and the pitch up or off the plate is the problem.
Jordan McFarland can hit like a mad in BP. It’s when the lights come on where he has been struggling. With runners in scoring position it’s hard to watch. Then without runners on base he gets a hit!
DVH needs to keep giving McFarland and you can add Zach Plunkett to list chances to play and gets AB’s in order to have them ready in case of injury! Optiz isn’t tearing the cover off the ball
But he’s pretty good when the game is on the line. Our offense will be fine!