Marshall, Dixon, Muss, Matta, Beard, Alford odds

And anyone left out who should be there.

Not sure of everyone else but I have Beard about 100 to 1

Fact Matta withdrew name from UCLA shows he’s interested in coaching again (perhaps) so I’m thinking 5 to 1.

Muss perhaps 1.5 to 1

I don’t think a Dixon leaves TCU and would put him say 15-1

None of the above. You guys gotta get some sources.

HY is being relieved of his duties as we speak (Thank God, finally someone intelligent got rid of the dead weight)
None of the basketball coaches mentioned were even on the list, regardless of what those on here have said.
Hunter’s number 1 was Chris Jans, when the board found out they moved to have him removed. They are inviting Mike back to take over as AD and promoting TJ to HC.

Of course this info was released yesterday :wink: :smiley:

Hot What?


Hot what? :rofl::rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

His response used inappropriate language so it was deleted.

Read his original statement, that’s why we keep asking him to repeat it

We’ve got numerous sophomoric posts discussing a head coach’s wife, but I use a word for my own chest and it gets deleted.


Since you either haven’t bothered to read the board rules or think you’re above following them, let me give you a reminder.

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A post the other day, which by the way I completely agreed with, contained the eight-letter description of cow manure. I edited out the objectionable language. Since it’s really hard to edit your two-word post, I deleted it.

With Wichita losing tonight in NIT do we go after Marshall?

I have zero sources but just looking at his salary($3mil) and the overtures he’s had before, I doubt he will come. Worth a phone call maybe. Then again WSU can’t be real happy paying a guy $3mill to go to the NIT and finishing 6th in the AAC…

Doesn’t the NIT play a 3rd place game? Their season may not be over .