Married with Children

If you are bored at home…I have a solution. I have Cox Cable, so I record one of my favorites Al Bundy and Married with Children. You just tell your smart TV to record all episodes and it will.

The show is kind of stupid, but it makes me laugh out loud every time I watch an episode.

Has there ever been a more lovable loser than Al Bundy? He and his wife, Peg the red-head are quite a pair. The show would not make it in today’s snowflake world, but 30 years later, I still enjoy it.

Al, Peg, Kelly and Bud Bundy. What a family!

Classic comedy… Al would be thrown in the unemployment line now with his politically incorrect view of life. Which is exactly why the show was so popular and even more funny today.

Got many laughs from Al Bundy and that family.
Just imagine Archie Bunker & All In The Family in today’s world of politically correct. Lol loved that show to “Meat Heads”.

One of my favorite shows is “Curb Your Enthusiam” starring the hilarious Larry David, the genius behind “Seinfeld”.

In season 10 currently running, there is an episode in which Larry(who plays himself) is on a date with the attractive Teri Polo(of Meet the Parents fame). Larry, trying not to get sued by the Me Too crowd, videos with his cell phone his moves towards his date. He asks her if he can make certain moves and she either agrees or disagrees. It is a side-splitter.

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