Marlon Crockett commits


This guy can be a big time player at WR or S if he takes care of business. He has the talent, he just needs to do what needs to be done.

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did not see mention of necessary business to clean up. To what are you referring?

Three high schools in three years could be considered to be a red flag. Think he quit his senior year. If the kid stays healthy and buys into the program he can be as good or better than anyone up there.

Has very good size. Don’t know about his speed but welcome aboard!

SO, skdhog do you have Searcy connection or something? this article says he is Searcy native///

Ray, I have Searcy and Cabot connections, and skd is on target.

Talent has never been and issue with Crockett. Hopefully, the light has come on.

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Think he ran a 4.52 40 around his soph year in high school. This kid could also play safety if he wanted to.

I have lived in this area for 42 years and work in Searcy.

Yeah he’s definitely worth the preferred walk on we have offered. Let’s hope he takes that God-given talent and combines it with work ethic and really helps us

Hey Skdhog, I graduated from Searcy in 93. Glad to see a fellow Lion on the board, I like your idea of Crockett moving to defense. Might be able to pull a McAdoo!


My best friend, who was my college roommate is from Searcy and their entire family was loaded with athletes.

His name is Kim Stegall, his brother Gill died right before starting training camp with the Detroit Lions while we were at UCA. I’ll never forget that day his mother called our apartment to tell Kim what happened.

I played baseball with Gil. He was the best athlete I’ve ever been around.

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He was unreal! One of the saddest funerals I’ve ever been to.

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