Marks is a HOG

Up Tempo coming to Hogs next season. The bigs better be gazelles. Muss is turning up the heat.

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Of our two transfer commits, neither seem to be good shooters which is a need for this team.


Pick up Battle and keep Walsh and we might just be pre season #1

Name is Mark, by the way. But excellent news!


Mark shot 78% from the line, 33% from deep. And that deep % is an improvement over AB, RC4 and Walsh, and about the same as Devo and NSJ. He’s also a defensive fiend.


I want both of them. The one who played at Houston and the one who will, hopefully, play for the Hogs. :grin:



In watching highlights of Mark, he’s an excellent passer. He also hits a lot of mid-range jumpers.

And he also should be great defensively.

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Now as Harley said we have few weeks of waiting to see if he stays in the draft or pulls out.


I don’t know that he would commit to us if he’s still thinking about the draft. But I could be wrong.

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I watched 3 of his games this tournament, he’s gonna be one of top 3 focal points for us . He had 3 dominant games, one against auburn . Every game the commentators were saying if doesn’t go to the draft hes gonna put up big numbers at Houston . I think he will be our go to scorer out of that back court

Neither were stretching defenses.

My comment wasn’t a criticism toward either of them individually; more overall that we really need a shooter that can play some D (so they can be on the floor) and stretch defenses. Then, it opens up things so much more for the types of players we have and the two new transfers.

Looking at Mark on CBB Analytics, he shot 47% on midrange attempts last season and 36.3% on what the site deemed short threes – 25 feet and in. There’s something to work with. He was excellent in the midrange when he wasn’t around the right elbow.


Don’t disagree. He can contribute and I like his defense. Doesn’t remove the need we have for someone who can fill it up from 3 and stretch defenses. Then, the mid range game is so much more open as is the slash game. We need a post player who can be depended on for points as well. Obviously, a shooter or post player must be able to play some D or they won’t sniff getting on the floor w/ CEM.

Large get from a team that obviously is used to winning big. He is a top 10 transfer player on most of the services and will fill a team need. Started every game as a freshman on a good ball club. Can’t turn down that kind of player.


That was as a redshirt sophomore.

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