Marketing our program

This is not directed at coach Anderson. But it’s a crying shame when I have to access our first exhibition game via a rAdio station and broadcast from a division 2 school. The university should broadcast or do something. I will assume there is no coverage of the game for Friday night either. Way to go u of a.

Razor, I couldn’t agree more! I was very disappointed in the lack of coverage!

It has been that way for as long as I can recall. Arkansas doesn’t do broadcasts for its exhibition games. I don’t think it will change anytime soon.

Hey, at least they put out the 4 play highlight package that lasted all of about 20 seconds.

Add me to the disappointed list as well, we can get Spring football put on SECN, but can’t even get radio for exhibition games. And I’m still mad about the LR game not being on TV/stream for 2nd year in a row. We’re matched up against Sam Houston St., who’s predicted to win their conference and should be a great game, and most fans won’t even be able to see it. We’re in the only school in SEC who doesn’t get all their games on TV/stream. Even Tennessee, who’s pretty bad right now, has their exhibition game on SECN+.

It is an absolute joke.

I thought they did that with Razorvision before the birth of SEC Network. Are we limited by what SEC Network allows us to do?

We are only limited by what we are willing to do. We all know the program could and should be promoted better! This is the year for the powers to get off their butts and promote! This is not on the coaches!!

Not sure you want to market a crowd of about 2 to 3,000.

Could have done radio, but I think all television is decided by the SEC office for all sports including exhibition games anyway since the start of the SEC network.

Matt can clarify if I’m incorrect.

I never mentioned tv. Radio should be bare minimum in my opinion!

Without knowing all the schedules, I would assume no other SEC team plays a team lacking name appeal at a neutral site. If Arkansas played a team with name appeal in NLR, the games would be picked up by TV. It has been documented the issues with streaming that game.

EDIT: I checked to see if any other teams played regional neutral-site games.

Alabama plays Clemson in Birmingham and Arkansas State in Huntsville. Both games are on ESPNU. You can make the argument that Arkansas State has as little name appeal as Sam Houston State.

Florida plays all but one of its nonconference games away from campus this season while the O’Connell Center renovations are being completed. It will play in Jacksonville, Lakeland, Sunrise and Tampa. The Florida SECN affiliate will broadcast many of those games. Perhaps it owns a satellite truck; that is the obstacle that keeps Arkansas from broadcasting from NLR, or so I’ve been told.

Mississippi State plays Southern Miss in Jacksonville. It will be on ESPNU.

Missouri plays Illinois in St. Louis. It will be on ESPNU.

Texas A&M plays Arizona in Houston as part of the same event that includes Arkansas-Texas. All games will be on ESPN2.

Tennessee plays Gonzaga in Nashville on ESPN2.

There are limitations, some by the SEC Network and some on the schools’ part. Some exhibition games are shown on the OTT app, but there are a number of factors that can play into whether that happens. For instance, Arkansas’ RSN folks were busy with SEC cross country work Friday. The cross country and basketball events didn’t overlap, but these are hourly employees and the manpower at RSN is not near as expansive as at a network. Did that play a factor in not showing the game? Not sure.

As far as radio, most of the basketball affiliates air high school football games on Friday nights this time of year and that would preempt a basketball exhibition. This even happens once the regular season begins because the regular season begins so early. That does not preclude Arkansas from having a broadcast stream on its website, but again, I don’t remember the Razorbacks ever doing radio broadcasts of exhibitions.

I think the schools have some flexibility as to what they want to show on the OTT app. You are correct about the broadcast schedule in terms of what is shown on the networks.

You can’t tell me Arkansas isn’t a big enough name to get video on a neutral site. As you mentioned there are much lesser SEC programs, playing even lesser mid-major programs that will get coverage.

My thought, and correct me if i’m wrong, is they want to make as much money as they can on ticket sales on the NLR game, so to make sure it sells out, they don’t try to get TV for it, unless they know they have a team that will sell it out no matter what like the 14-15 team that had big names like Bobby Portis and Michael Qualls. That team played SE Missouri St., and that somehow got on TV with no problems.

Seems like they are giving anyone that asks any questions about the NLR game the excuse “we can’t stream games in NLR or a network didn’t want to pick it up.” My follow-up question would be how do all these mid-major schools that have the equivalent of a 7A high school gym have streaming capabilities, but an 80 million dollar/18,000 seat arena somehow can’t get those same capabilities? Also, on the same night Miss St. and Ole Miss play on the SECN against a couple mid-major teams. Arkansas would do better ratings than both those games. I don’t buy either excuse, truth is they want to make sure they make their ticket sales in NLR, then once they get them, they may try to look for a network to pick it up. And that’s really not fair to the basketball fans that can’t make the NLR game. Especially around a time where a lot of people will be traveling for the holidays.

I don’t think that’s true. They haven’t played a quality opponent in North Little Rock in years. That affects ticket sales, TV, etc. Even when they did, those games (vs. Illinois, Oklahoma State, Baylor, etc.) were aired by ARSN on local affiliates within the state. There is no such way to air those games on local affiliates or Cox Sports anymore; SEC says no.

So unless the game is picked up by a network, it is up to RSN to broadcast it. The networks don’t seem too interested in games at NLR. RSN spent millions on broadcast equipment, but is limited to what is played on campus. Now you can make an argument that Arkansas could buy or rent a satellite truck, and that would probably be valid, but it is incapable of broadcasting from NLR based on its infrastructure that is in place. That’s a fact. The same is true for baseball games in NLR.

It would be the same for football games at War Memorial Stadium except for the fact that the SEC ensures every home football game will be shown in some capacity.

Matt what you said goes back to exactly what I was saying, that they just want the ticket sales from NLR and not worried about getting a network to pick it up or getting it streamed. I know these mid-majors that have most/all of their games on ESPN3 and other streaming services don’t have more resources than Arkansas. Heck there are some volleyball teams that have most of their games streamed and that’s a non-revenue sport. You’re making it seem like Little Rock is just out in the boondocks in a 2-bit gym where networks are scared to go down there or something. Like I said they are 2 way lesser programs playing on the same night against mid-majors on the SECN, you telling me Miss St. and Ole Miss basketball is going to draw more viewers than Arkansas basketball? And Oxford, Mississippi is just that much more enjoyable place for the networks to travel to than NLR?

And basketball is the same as football, they ensure all home games are shown as well. That’s why you see every other SEC basketball team with all their home games shown on video in some fashion. NLR game is considered neutral site game so it doesn’t fall under the rules. I would assume football is under the same rules, however they know the football team will make it’s money in ticket sales, so they have no problem getting it on TV. I guarantee you Matt if soon as they announced the NLR game for basketball if it was a sell out, it would magically get picked up by a network, and their wouldn’t be any problems at all. Again look at 14-15 season. That NLR didn’t start off as being picked up by a network, once we got ranked and those ticket sales started looking good, then they announced the game was being picked up.

And I get it, it’s a business, but if you’re going to say you want to be a top notch basketball program and want to excite the fan base, you need to have the team as accessible as possible. There’s no reason exhibition games and NLR games shouldn’t be broadcasted, when lesser programs in our own conference have all their exhibition games broadcasted as well as their neutral site games.

I don’t think it has anything to do with ticket sales. Three days before Christmas, ticket sales are going to be down for that game regardless of whether it is on TV. There might be a few dozen who buy tickets because it isn’t on TV, but Arkansas is not withholding that game to boost the ticket revenue for Verizon Arena. I can guarantee you that.

The strength of the SEC Network is the affiliates that are located on campus. Arkansas streams its volleyball, soccer, softball games because they are played on campus. If they were played in NLR or Springdale, they wouldn’t be broadcasted because of the infrastructure. It should also be noted that the local affiliate (RSN at Arkansas) is often responsible for producing games that are aired on SEC Network. My guess is that Ole Miss and Mississippi State equivalents will be responsible for at least part of the production, if not all, on that day. The same will be true when Arkansas plays Stephen F. Austin, North Florida and North Dakota State on the SEC Network.

That is not true. I’ve talked to people at the SEC office about that. There is no agreement that says every home basketball game will be televised or streamed; only football.

It’s telling that people are upset over not getting to watch a couple of exhibition games and a regular season game. It wasn’t long ago that you were fortunate to get 20 basketball games on TV and that’s only if you were in the state. Out-of-state viewers in Texas may get to see the team a handful of times until the postseason. Even the SEC Tournament was aired on regional TV. Now we expect everything all the time.

Matt it’s 2016 my man. Wasn’t too long ago that only rich people had cell phones, now everybody has one. That’s not a good argument saying back in the day only 20 games we’re on TV. Times change. In this day and age we’re the only SEC school to not have all our games on TV/Stream and the only to not have ANY type of coverage for our exhibition games. As the OP stated that’s a shame. It would be more worrisome IMO if the fans didn’t care. But, we actually care about the team and want to see and/or hear all the games.

And you gave all these excuses about why they can’t do that, we as fans don’t care about the excuses. If we look and see every other SEC team is getting coverage, we expect whoever is in charge of getting us coverage to be able to do the same thing that every other SEC school is capable of, simple as that.