Markel Crawford

He now says that TJ has contacted him about Arkansas.

Think Markel makes his decisions after all NBA early departures are known for sure and he knows exactly what the rosters of each school interested in him are.

Yep probably so. Although looks like Iowa St is coming after him hard, in-home visit with them on Sunday. Don’t know if there is much in limbo with them right now, and you know they are going to be in the mix to be a top 25 team.

So far, Markel said there’s no discussion about a visit from Cleveland.

Think he could be a viable replacement for Macon if he does leave?


Hope we can get him on campus for a visit. With Macon gone he would start or play starter minutes off the bench.

I doubt Daryl goes. Could happen but will be surprised if he does.

Even after that tweet he sent?

His tweet states “no matter what happens I will always…”. It never comes out and says he is for sure leaving.

Hope RD is correct.

Possibly working on setting up a visit with Crawford.

I remember seeing a tweet from John Rothstein early this morning that he has a visit set up to Ole Miss.