Markel Crawford Memphis Transfer

He just requested to transfer from Memphis today. Averaged 12 PPG there. Would be a huge pick-up and he’s immediately eligible next year. Not sure if Kevin is speculating or he actually heard something linking us to him.


It would appear Arkansas is focusing on others - the ones they are scheduling visits with at this time.

gotcha thanks for update.

Here some recent info on Crawford from Gary Parrish.

Markel told me Arkansas hasn’t made contact.

There are quotes from Narkel that he is interested. If Hogs can get him, it boosts next year much better than a freshman PG or a redshirting transfer PG. If I was Mike, that is what I would do if Markel is willing. You can always go after another PG for 2018 class.

There’s interest on Arkansas’ part, but not sure they’ll go forward with it.

Cool, thanks for checking RD.

It looks like Arkansas may not have the numbers to keep pursuing guys and will really only have 1 scholarship to work with and nobody is transferring. Weathers and Hardy look to be the priorities.

I’m kinda surprised there haven’t even been any rumors of someone transferring, and I know most years if somebody was going to transfer we’d at least heard a rumor by now. Last year Whitt was well gone by this time and everybody knew it was likely Jenkins wouldn’t be back. The year before that we knew about Babb right after the season ended. Before that everybody knew Dee Wagner was probably gone. And before that of course everyone had heard rumors about Mickelson leaving even before season ended.

Really the only likely transfer candidate is Hazen and from what I understand Hazen is happy and the staff still likes him.

Yea appears that way. If we were to have a transfer it would have happened by now you would think because CMA has already had the player meetings the week after the final 4. They start workouts this week. Only way you would think someone would transfer now if it was a situation to where one of them was thinking about it, and the staff is giving them time to make a decision.

The thing I really like about bringing Crawford in is that he most likely maximizes 2017, as in being the biggest potential contributor, while leaving a scholarship open for 2018 to continue to add to that class.