Mark Stoops and 2-10

We are more likely than not going to finish 2-10 and Mark Stoops did the same at Kentucky followed by 5-7, 5-7, 7-5, 7-5, and now they are 6-1.

Given how down we are I could see it taking several years for Morris to get it going.

Will Arkansas decision makers and fans be as patient as Kentucky has been if there is steady, albeit slow progress?

I will. :smiley:

We have no choice but to be patient and positive. This will take time to get fixed and it starts with roster change which is on the way. But it will take two such classes to give us a chance. We need ex Clemson QB to join the Hawgs too.

We can’t be changing head coaches every 2 -3 years we never will get it built back up.

Hope y’all are right.

I’ve had the same observation

Mark Stoops fits at Kentucky

I’m hoping Chad Morris fits at Arkansas

Be reminded Mark Stoops had back to back sub par seasons and good seasons were not great until they jumped out of the runners blocks this season

Big difference I think is UK fans live and die by basketball not football so Coach Stiops has some built in patience with fans

Not sure Arkansas fans will be as patient with back to back 6 Win seasons

But for sure The UK patience with Matu Stoops is s fine example how allowing a coach to build over time plays off

Hope we will do the same with Coach Morris otherwise Arkansas will just be another place coaches come to end a career

Coach Mason is also in his 5th year at Vandy.

So are you using Stoops as an example to advocate for patience? If so that would be rich. by my math he was 3 losses worse than BB in the easier side of the conference. What is your cute nickname for him?

That easy. Stoopsid

I started advocating for the firing of Tito Bert after:

  1. Sam Pittman shared with a former college HC I know what a wreck Bert had become - his drinking problem became out of control and impacted his ability to perform his job. Pittman predicted he’d be gone within two years. This happened in March of 2016 and I shared with insiders here via PM. This greatly troubled me and confirmed other things I’d heard.

  2. It became readily apparent in the Fall of 2016 the OL talent was falling off and the pipeline was empty. Without an OL Bert was dead man walking.

PS Glad you think Tito Bert is a good nickname.

  1. More 3rd hand info. I guess like Bigfoot and the Yeti, BB has a magical ability to avoid cell phone cams when he is out on his legendary drinking binges. BTW, I don’t know if the man has a drinking problem or not, I just learned a long time ago talking about people based on what your girlfriend’s cousin heard from her neighbor, who heard it a yard sale is kind of childish.
  2. The lack of OL talent was an issue, but (IMO) it was the inability to fix the defense that was his downfall. That and his hit and miss record of hiring assistants. It is funny one of his stated reasons for coming to Ark was to be able to hang onto assistants. I often wonder if things would’ve been different if Charlie Partridge had stayed another year or two. Obviously you can’t begrudge a guy taking a HC gig, but I wonder if more Fla talent would’ve turned the worm. Another year from Randy Shannon might’ve made a big difference as well. I thought Enos was an awesome hire, Anderson not so much.
    2a. I wonder of Zach Rogers would’ve quit if BB would’ve come back, also if BB would’ve changed OL coaches if he’d gotten another year?

PS, I said “cute”, not good, and I obviously said it sarcastically. Speaking of nicknames, I like Dudley’s. You should change your login to Perfect Snapshot.

Good post. Bielema’s downfall was assistant coach hiring/retention and failure to develop the OL.

I’m not sure what happened with assistants but most of those hires later in his tenure didn’t turn out well.

He had some pretty high profile/ranked OL that didn’t do much. He also had a few quit/retire or unexpectedly leave early. And he didn’t recruit enough.

On paper, Wallace, Merrick, Rogers, Jackson, Heinrich et al etc looked solid. It hasn’t panned out that way.

That was on him and staff. I don’t know why so many with good offers and rankings didn’t pan out but they didn’t. And it’s one of the reasons we are in this mess.

Tito Bert is an absolutely childish, nonsensical nickname. Draw your own conclusions on the person who created it.

As others have noted, third hand gossip is = complete crock of crap.

Hmmm, Sam Pittman said that about Brett huh?
Coaches are a pretty tight fraternity, kinda like lawyers, doctors, policemen, etc. Not common for them to gossip about their colleague’s personal issues (true or not), even the ones they don’t like.
All the dirt we found out about BP well after
the fact, I don’t recall any of that info being revealed by assistant coaches.

He said it to a long time coaching colleague that’s he’s known a lot longer than Bert. Also still happened to be steamed at Bert’s unprofessionalism in sending all of the offensive linemen to Pittman’s house at 10:00 PM at night to beat on his door and beg him to stay after he’d let it be known to the head coach he was moving on.

Told this coach that was completely unprofessional and pissed him off - said he’d never do that to another coach.

I think all of the Bert sycophants ( not necessarily you Jim as I don’t recall you being one) are still embarrassed that guys like me said he was in the process of killing the program and they were either too intellectually lazy or blinded by his BS to realize it. I have to admit I’d be embarrassed too - it was as easy to see as firecrackers on the 4th of July. As a result they nitpick Morris re: “schemes” against certain teams and effort. You can’t scheme up a mule in the Kentucky Derby and doesn’t matter if the mule runs his butt off.

Don’t worry - I’ll let everybody know if it’s happening again under Morris who up to this point has done as best as can be expected. His job is like being Dick Paulson in October of 2008. You think the men that coach at Kansas, Illinois, Oregon State, etc. have hard jobs? You are correct, but they are no harder a job than Chad has. Talent level is similar but he’s in a tougher conference and division.

PS You are one of those intellectually lazy types I was referring to in the post above. Never has a moderator on a message board been so wrong about so much as you have. If we went back over the last several years to look at who was more right about the various aspects of this football program w it would be an embarrassing exercise for you to endure. Would not wish it on my biggest enemy LOL

I’m not sure if CBB had a drinking problem or not, but his ability to adjust to what the opposing team was doing during a game was nonexistent. Duds profiled what he saw when comparing Vandy’s players to ours and said they were bigger and more athletic… we’re not talking Bama or Georgia but Vandy. This revealed his inability to recruit or develop players which his record reflected perfectly. I do know one thing, CBB created a drinking problem for a lot of Hog fans and that’s not rumor or innuendo.

LOL - also created a booming aluminum seat/ red plastic seat costume business. In my Pig Heaven section yesterday all six of my tickets were used. The rest of the 30 plus seats? Empty…sadly

I’m all in, as long as progress continues even if slowly. WPS

Ok then I assume Pittmans long time coaching colleague Whom he revealed all of this to must also be a mutual long time associate of yours to freely share that with you.
Anyway anything is possible & anyone can have underlying issues in or out of the closet. I do remember a few of the Whisky fans accusing CBB of really liking his beer. I honestly thought he was going to turn the AR program around & actually progressed the the 1st 3 years then we started losing & firing assistants. Enos seemed to be the only quality replacement & recruiting started lacking and the spiral downward started whether due to the issues you mentioned or just in over his head here or both.
I suppose you got feed back from the PM’s you sent pertinent people here about this? As you said that was how you revealed what you knew at the time. I can respect that approach.