Mark Richt suffers heart attack

So for those who think he’s going to be the answer to our problems in 2020… not so fast.

Richt has MI

Never considered Richt a viable option or a good enough coach for us but supposedly very respected individual by those who know him.

Health issues may account for his early & unexpected retirement. Hope he has a quick & full recovery.

They announced that at the LRTD club today. So sorry to hear it. Hope he makes a full & speedy recovery.

To me, coach Richt was a model coach. Sadly a really nice considerate, good person is not what a lot of folks want these days.

OMG! But Morris is huh? A coach with an 83-37 SEC record isn’t good enough to be the coach of the Razorbacks. May be the most insane post I’ve ever seen on here.

Hope Coach Richt has a complete recovery!


Richt success was due to top football talent & funding in Georgia. Fan expectations were therefore conference & national contender. He was not able to attain that higher level of success over his 15 yrs there. He was forced out due to underachieving despite having the top blue chip recruits there.

Doubtful Richt at Arkansas & with lesser talent would he have been a successful coach? His record at Miami against weaker competition was good but declining. Disgruntled alumni & administration were again forcing a change. So no he probably would not have been good enough at AR. That does not take away the fact that he is a great individual respected by all.

Good Lord, you even repeated it! Wow


Richt was and is under-appreciated for how well he did at Georgia. He won two conference championships and coached in three other championship games in 15 seasons.

Richt just coached in the wrong era, when only two teams had a chance to play for a national championship. He had three teams that finished the season in the top four. How much differently would he be remembered if he had coached three teams to a playoff? Quite a bit, I think.

And for comparison’s sake, the Florida game in two weeks will be Kirby Smart’s 50th at Georgia. He has a 38-11 record. Richt was 40-10 in his first 50 during a time when the East was more competitive.

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Not an easy or objective study in comparing coaches & their abilities when considering inherited talent & the talent that the elite programs attract & naturally recruit based on school location, size, & schools’ tradition for success. Would Saban, Swinney, or Meyer be great coaches & national contenders at lesser schools & without the elite talent, or is it the talent that makes these coaches successful & appear to overachieve? That was the debate at GA when Richt was recruiting top talent there & alumni perception that they were underachieving & the same recent question & doubts by GA fans about Smart.

Every thing I ever read about Lou Holtz said he was not a good recruiter. But he was quite successful with what was rated as inferior talent compared to some others in his time.

Holtz much preferred making motivational speeches for big bucks to hitting the road for recruits. And his endorsement of racist Sen. Jesse Helms in NC helped pave the way for his firing at UA. But Holtz worked harder at recruiting than Bobby Petrino did by far.

South Carolina has more talent than Arkansas does, but it also has two Power 5 schools and numerous others within easy driving (UNC and NCS are two hours from the SC line for instance). But the proximity also means Clemson is not far from Atlanta and Charlotte.

While at UofA had friends who played for Holtz. Most players did not like him, but he could get the team hyped up to win games against much more talented teams & with heavy odds to beat us. His preference to play golf rather than recruit contributed to his firing - the same experience ND had with him.

Ya just can’fix stupid.

Answer:: TO much boosze guess!!!

My brother walked on and played a year for Holtz, went thru most of the following spring practice before a knee injury ended his playing days. he has a lot of Lou Holtz stories, none of which mention a dislike
by the players.

That scares me if Richt is having heart attacks while in retirement. He was always the picture of health and he appeared to be a devote christian and did not part take in drinking, smoking and other poor life chocies like I have made. does not bode will for me, while I am overweight, out of shape and cant wait for 5 so i can get me a cold beer. I hope he has a speedy and full recovery.

thanks for the laugh!!!

As Jimmy Buffett says, “its 5 o’clock somewhere” :grinning: