Mark Richt at LRTD today

I thoroughly enjoyed hearing him. It was a Q&A format with David Bazzel asking the Q’s. However, FWIW, I thought I’d repost the little he said about Arkansas & the game last Saturday. Perhaps it was “being polite coachspeak” but nonetheless, he said disappointment in the first game doesn’t mean much. He said it’s much harder for a coach at Ark to recruit because there’s simply a much smaller recruiting base compared to, say, UGA, which could fill up a team with kids who played within 30 miles of downtown Atlanta. (He also said Clemson’s proximity to Atlanta was big for them.) Nonetheless, he also said Ark could win a national championship. He added that even though he was 6-1 against us during his tenure at UGA, the games were generally close & hard fought & some could have easily gone the other way. (He did say with a smile that he hated Ryan Mallet, someone he remembered very well.)

Also ran into Bruce James & asked his view. He said he was concerned about the way we played, of course, but not overly so. He said a close win was probably better than a 50-0 win. He said the coach can use the game for teaching more easily than he could have with a blow-out win. He added that he thinks OM is likely to beat us because he thinks they have more talent than we do. He said he’ll only be concerned if they win by 3 TD’s or something like that. He said he would not be worried if we lose by 10 pts or less. Still thinks 5 or 6 wins is about what we can expect.

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