Mark Reich should

have been ejected after what happened in Music City Bowl!

Who is Mark Reich?

If you are talking about Mark Richt, the U is playing in the Orange bowl. And he should have been ejected for grabbing an official.

my mistake on spelling and he should have been ejected just like we both said!

It looked to me like the ref pushed Richt away first, then threw the flag. Then Richt really lost it and grabbed him in protest and then turned to the Head official in protest.

I did not watch, no comment but I do find it easy to believe once again in officiating incompetency or at least inconsistency. I am jaded by SEC good ole boy practices, but hate the negative impact that refs have on game outcomes. Find the extreme outliers at least and can em. NFL especially has a que sera, que sera motif. … story.html

Richt should have been thrown out. No doubt. It was sad because Mark has always been one of my favorite coaches. He is typically a class act on and off the field. No excuse for that behavior.