Mark Packer had an interesting point

He has an afternoon show on ESPN Radio and also a show on the ACC Network. Big into basketball.

And today he said because of COVID, and the resulting number of fifth-year seniors, fourth-year juniors, even sixth-year seniors, the tournament experience level is going to be higher than ever before. And thus he thinks a 6-11 matchup, even a 5-12, may be darn near a tossup, and there are likely to be a lot of upsets.

So I looked at the Vermont roster. Nine seniors, fifth year players or grad transfers. They fit Mark’s description. Still think we can beat them (we have a few of that kind of player ourselves) but it narrows the gap a bit.

I think we saw some of that this past Hog Football season. However, a slow, unathletic 20 year old, is also a 24 year old. Maturity and experience is important. But, doing 8th grade 10 times doesn’t make a great player.

Just saw on ESPN that the number 11 seed has one more upset games than any other against their seed.

Slow and unathletic can’t be fixed. Inexperienced and rattled by the bright lights can be fixed. That was his point.

Yes, but it’s not like the learn from playing in the Elite 8 just last season, or from slogging through the SEC schedule this season. I gotta think that really helps Williams and JD.


It is a valid point. Was Baylor not a veteran team last year? Guess I could look it up but not going to.

So where is the list of 64 teams and their classes?

VT. has a lot of playing experience, but not in the NCAA tourney… their center has played 16 minutes. That matters when playing a team with considerable tourney experience like the Hogs. Speaking of non-tourney experience, Umude, Toney, and Lykes have scored more than 4000 points in college. Might mean something.

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