Mark it down

NMSU- W, SOCAR- W, BAMA- L, AUBURN- L, MISS- W, CCAR- W, LSU- L, MSST- W, MIZZ- W. 7 and 5 regular season record with bowl game to go to. If we go Hawg Wild, we beat Auburn and LSU giving us a 9 and 3 record. We can get there. You, me, everyone just have to believe, have faith, thank positive thoughts. The coaches will get the problems worked out. The players are going to play their hearts out. Fans are going to come to the games with positive mind sets and loud voices. This will come true. Remember this post at the end of the season when there is a beautiful rainbow over the U of A campus. We might even go 9 and 0 the rest of the way.

We watched Greater again tonight.

Tearjerker and powerfully positive all rolled in together.

Come on team, do it the Burls way.


Heck I’ll roll with ya here for 7-5 reg season finish, but that 9 an 0 the rest of the way, is well, just some dam good Kool-Aid and possibly some other substances involved.

I will remember - I have it bookmarked in fact so I’ll remember to come back to eat crow!

I think this is a fair prediction and it is about what people predicted in the preseason. Several I heard from on here or otherwise said they expected to be 3-2 or 4-1 going into the Alabama game. I think Arkansas is going to win the next two.

I will take 7-5 and be happy about it. I am thinking realistically 6-6 but we will see how the @SC game plays out.

It is always interesting to see how teams react on the road so SC game will tell us a lot…if they win that game, then I think 7-5 is reasonable.

If CBB gets us to 7-5 & wins a bowl game, I can hang on for another year. If we finish this year like we finished last year with this rough start, the CBB era at Arkansas is over. I think we look for a power oriented coach who can take the CBB players, add some better recruits, and win without a wholesale change over to a new system. JMVVVVVHO

The finish to last season was devastating. I’m not so sure it’s the fact that we lost those last two, but the way we lost them. We’re not the only team to blow big leads lately (seems like such things are more common than they once were), but nonetheless, when you dominate a team in the first half & have plenty of points on the scoreboard to show for it, it makes a loss even worse. So, I agree with you. A 7-5 record is a reasonably good season right now–especially with 2 losses already–but we don’t need to blow big leads & we sure don’t need to lose to the likes of Missouri. I can stomach losses to Alabama, LSU, & Auburn, but I hope we’re more competitive with them than we were last year.

MSU is an enigma. I thought they were really good the way they beat LSU, but then they turned around & got manhandled by UGA. I can’t imagine Ole Miss being very good, but we could certainly lose that game in Oxford.

6-3 would be a good finish, 7-2 would be even better, 8-1 would be huge and 9-0 would be gigantic … and, it seems, still wouldn’t be enough to please some fans. 5-4 is probable, but 6-3 is not too much of a stretch. But right now, the Hogs better be looking to be 1-0 because Sun Belt teams, as we have learned, are not necessarily pushovers.

5-4 sends us bowling. I know some wouldn’t like 6-6 and a bowl, but not bowling would be worse.

Not sure why you think we beat USCe; OM, or MSU…??? why do you think we will? Our on field performance suggests otherwise…

Because I believe! Read the rest of the post. Coaches, players, fans have to be positive to be winners. I don’t know many programs that have successful seasons when everyone is negative. You nor I know the out come of any of our remaining games. I think 6 wins the rest of the way is doable. The coaches make good money to fix our issues and have a plan to give us the best chance to win. I refuse to be negative. Our defense gave up 6 or 7 big plays, but they played well the rest of the time. Our offense will get going, and scoring as many points against TA&M as we did is a step in the right direction. I like the creativity we are showing with the WILD HOG and STEAMBOAT Kelly. Makes it harder for teams plan for us. Till the games are played, I am going to stay positive. I truly believe that peoples’ mind set ( in our case coaches, players, and fans } plays a huge part in the out come of each football game. I also think that our mind set, positive or negative, greatly influence out comes. I realize that you can come up with good reasons why we will not win various games. That is fine. I just want to stay positive.

Man you need to check in to AA meetings and sober up! The bend don’t break can’t stop a 90 year old walking down the road.
We would have to score a TD every time the offense touches the ball and score 50 to 60 points a game to win more than 6 games. But it could happen. No way 9-3!
6-6. And play in the Terd Bowl.
There needs to be a real change to defensive philosophy to ever win. Defend every inch of the field. Don’t let a freshmen QB get comfortable. Pressure. Sacks. Tackle.
How long has it been since the Hogs bowed up on the inside the 5 yard line and stopped a power 5 opponent ?
Look we punted and pinned Florida A&M at about the 4 yard line and they pushed out beyond the 20. Weak defense geared to wait on the opponent to make a mistake. And stop themselves.
I want the hogs to win but I won’t hold my breathe.

I’d like to believe that, but unless they fix the o-line, not sure how it is possible??

Army Hog, I drink very seldom. Never liked beer. Only like sweet drinks and probably don’t average one a month. I get it you don’t believe. I am OK with that. I just like to live in my positive world.

Army Hog, thank for your service and I mean that. I have been to many AA meeting in support of others.

Thank you both, Army & Dr for your service & support respectively.
As for the next AA meeting, I think that will take place in Fayetteville - ala - Austin Allen Meeting with NMST and I think it will be a positive one as well.

While the o line has problems it’s not the biggest. It’s certainly not why we lot to AM

I like the positive attitude Drhog and I mostly agree with your W-L scenario. I will be happy with 6-6 after the way the year has started.

If your offense can score 43 points with this Oline you should win.
The Special Teams gave up a TD
The Defense gave up 4-5 big plays that broke our back.

I think it will be a fun year to watch because we have so many fine young players. I’m not hung up on the record this year. I just want to see good play and continued improvement. There are going to be some exciting moments and there are going to be some let downs. But this young, fast team is headed in the right direction and will do some good things. I’m behind them no matter the record.