Mark Few

You are on the clock,

I wish

Won’t happen. Few should go to the NBA. If you’re going to continue to lose, at least go somewhere where they’ll pay you a bunch of money to do it.

Id pull 6 mil out and make him say no…knew he was a great coach but just heard during telecast that Gonzaga has the highest winning percentage since 2011

That would be some high level weirdness - a dude who has never ever left the Pacific Northwest, and has been offered every job there twice, up and comes to the NWA.

Me thinks we’re wasting our time on this one.

I was looking at names the other day that have been mentioned on one of the boards.

Guy has coached for 20 years and made 9 SS or better. That’s incredible.

I just went through the list of what many would consider “the best coaches right now”: Coach K, Izzo, Boeheim, Calipari, Williams, Self

Only Self and Coach K have been in every year for the last 20.

That’s crazy that he’s not getting big money at Gonzaga, and per himself in an interview two years ago, people are no longer contacting him to see if he’s interested.

I agree with you, his comments on no longer being contacted, what seems like he’s being underpaid, and reached his ceiling at Gonzaga, you have to expect someone to reach out. But, I do agree with the other poster, lifelong Pacific NW guy, not sure he’d come here.

A total waste of time.

Gonzaga doesn’t have enough money to pay Few big money. I don’t think he’d ever come to Arkansas, but hey, wouldn’t hurt to ask.

The chance of Few coming to Arkansas…slim and none. He’ll probably leave Gonzaga for the NBA in a couple of years.

Highest winning % since 2011…but he can’t win the games that really matter.

This is about recruiting as well as coaching up.

Can he recruit the mid south and TX like Sampson and Beard?

Probably a waste, but your AD would be doing the basketball team, the students and fans and university a total injustice by not asking or putting out fellers or however that works

I agree. There are rumors out there that earlier this year Few put out feelers letting people know he might be interested in leaving Gonzaga. How true that is, I don’t know (and before anyone says anything I didn’t say put out feelers to AR)

Hahaha take it your not a Few fan, can’t say I really am except recognize he’s a helluva coach. Also if he can attract that kind of talent to Gonzaga, he’d probably attract great talent elsewhere

099 just curious who you like or think we have a shot at here?

Actually, I’m a big Mark Few fan. What he’s accomplished at a small catholic university is amazing. But I believe he’s hit his ceiling there. If he wants to win a national championship, he needs to go elsewhere to do it. Like Arkansas (yes, just a pipe dream, I know…)

I really can’t say. I think we all know Sampson is on the list. I wish Mark Few were on the short list.

Apparently, Eric Musselman has expressed interest in the Arkansas job. That might not be a bad route to go.

I’ve actually been hearing this for awhile. I wonder if he’s “Plan B.”

I’m not sure how people would react to him.

Who’s to say we haven’t reached out to few? No one is going to announce that, not how the process works. Agents make aware if their coaches might be available, and you don’t contact the coach directly at first do the coach can have deniability. Now if it progressses, and legit interest from both sides, then you meet on the sly.

I’m 100% sure HY knows how the game is played.