Mark Few now holds a record he doesn't want

He has won more NCAA Tournament games than any coach ever who doesn’t have a natty. Memphis was his 38th win in the Dance, and the Hogs made sure last night he remains natty-free.

Previous record holder? Eddie Sutton.

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Eddies best shot (other than not messing up at UK and maybe winning a title with them) was 1978. I never got to see the loss to UK in 1978. We were traveling that day and I didn’t get to watch it. I am sure it is out there on the net, but I have never had any desire to watch it.

I guess Few is the professional flopper when it comes to winning nattys.:smile:


So Few is the Mike Martin of basketball. Martin was the FreeShoesU (aka Florida State) long time baseball coach. His teams make the CWS 17 times without winning a national title.


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