Mario Goodrich

Hearing things are going well with the DB from Lee’s Summit West. I think the chances for an OV are very good.

Profile: … o-goodrich

Does he not have a offer from the house yet? What’s up with WHS today?

Nice list.

The power outage in LR screwed things up. WHS is back up now.

Ok, thx very little talk now abt Aranda staying at LSU and what Chavis is gonna do now.

Nothing with Chavis has changed that I’m aware of. Still expect him to be the DC.

Texas AM has hired ND’s DC. Chavis is no longer there.

kid can play!

So can anyone explain why this has not happened yet? I expected something to be announced after their bowl game if this was really in the works… what am I missing?

Can’t really say. All I know if Chavis isn’t the guy I will be shocked.