Maria Fassi's diary for Golfweek

Maria Fassi had the lead in the final round at Augusta National. Here is her diary: … ary-day-3/

Watched a little of the stream this afternoon before baseball started. Two things: One, it was a three-hour recruiting video for UA golf. Fassi wearing Hog shirt, Hog cap, Hog driver cover, Hog bag. Second, that girl from Wake Forest is REALLY good. They’ll both be successful on the LPGA tour I believe.

Absolutely! Very proud of Maria and the way she played and represented. She showed such great sportsmanship at the end and was great when they interviewed her afterward. You have to admire the performance of the Wake Forest girl birdieing five of the last six at Augusta. I was flipping channels and caught the Hog gear immediately and so glad I did. Both of those young ladies have a bright future for sure!

They both have a future in the LPGA and I’m glad that Maria has the talent to win tournaments at that level with the right frame of mind. It will be good to see another Hog playing professionally and I’m sure Stacy will give her some advice to help make it happen.