Maria Fassi in the Money Again

She is 3 for 3 since joining the tour…be interesting to know what expenses are for each tourney/does she have sponsors that cover it/endorsements…

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A lot of pros do have sponsors, but the LPGA players don’t get the kind of sponsor dollars that PGA guys do, and their purses are a lot less. They have to travel, get places to stay, there are obviously meals, plus pay their caddy, their coach, maybe a trainer, their agent. Expenses are serious even though not what the PGA guys incur (some of them rent a house every week in the tournament city rather than stay in a hotel). And the LPGA schedule has a lot more foreign tournaments than the PGA does (British Open if you qualify, three events in Asia, three in Mexico). LPGA has 11 foreign events. Probably nobody plays all of those 11 unless they have a foreign sponsor who wants them to appear widely, but still.

I saw an estimate from last fall that a PGA tour player can easily incur $500,000 in expenses. LPGA isn’t that high but still expensive. But as well as Maria is playing so far, she’ll be more attractive to sponsors who may pay her better.

I don’t believe sponsorships were an issue for Maria. I’ll be interested to what endorsements are on her hat and clothing this week at the LPGA event in Rogers. She was two-time college player of the year and has a wonderful personality. I think sponsors will love her.

She keeps hitting 300 plus yard drives and sponsors better jump on early are be left off her sleeve… the Golf Channel is buzzing about her and all she has to do is keep moving toward that trophy at tournament’s end and the world will come running next.

Turned on the coverage just in time to see her stick a drive within 10’ on a par 3. Right after her swing the female golf announcer says, “I have no idea where that went but the swing is beautiful!”. the ball sticks the green and the crowd starts calling the Hogs. The announcers loved it!

I think Daly’s expenses were a little higher.

I know for the tournament this week, at least, that a number of the players stay at homes of nearby families. I’d imagine a lot of the locales they play have similar setups. It’s been pretty cool reading the stories of some of the young ladies who have stayed with the same families year-after-year and become almost like extended family.