Marcus Woodson contract

He will be paid $700,000 for two seasons, through February 2025. His contract includes a no-compete clause with other SEC teams, but he can leave for another SEC program if he is offered a head coaching position or a solo coordinator position.


Among new hires, Woodson and Williams have no-compete clauses, and Turner does not.

I do not recall any of Pittman’s assistants having no-compete clauses until this offseason. He has lost four coaches to SEC programs — Loggains and Stepp to South Carolina, Carter to Ole Miss and Davis to LSU.

Matt, where does this put our current assistant coach’s pool vs last year?

It puts Arkansas at $5.99 million vs. $6.44 million paid on the 2022 staff. I suspect that will change soon because there are some contracts that expire in February, plus the pending Briles decision.

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I think Woodson and Williams combined are making about what Odom made. Then you have the other departures/hires in the mix, plus what’s pending.

Any updates or anticipated outcome with Briles discussions with MSt? Several here supposedly in the know have indicated he is 100% committed to CSP & UofA. His decision & the prospect of some key players following him determines the outlook for our '23 season.

Hey Matt, do you think KB get a new title like a OC/associate or assistant HC? With a raise.
Maybe some of the stuff MSST was reportedly offering as bargaining chips, like complete freedom and input on hiring assistant coaches?

Oh, he’s getting a raise, you don’t leave $1M on the table. He’s 100% committed to the UofA and Pittman, but let’s be reasonable, you double my salary and I’d move. He turned down a doubled salary last year from Miami, but got a raise, although I don’t think it was quite what he was wanting.


Expect Briles gets & probably deserves a raise, especially in this crazy coaching market. Surprised Briles has remained at UofA this long based on his success but more surprised that Odom departed for less $ especially with his ties to CSP & NWA. My concern is that it is not always about the $ but finding the right stepping stone that best furthers one’s career - same as Odom did with UNLV opportunity.

No doubt, but going to MSU with another unproven head coach would seem to set you back again. I think all this “Sam in his headset” is a little overblown, sure he voices his ideas and concerns, but I seriously doubt if he is really handcuffing Kendal in anyway.

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Recognize that MSSt is at best a lateral move & risky opportunity due to their coaching changes. Don’t know much about their roster & outlook other than MSSt recruiting continues to be ranked considerably lower than UofA. Surprised aTm did not go after KB before BP re-entered the picture.

My only concern for KB at UofA has been our defense being so depleted such that we will be heavily dependent on the offense in '23. That being said, you apparently have more insider knowledge & therefore trust your understanding that KB returns. Friends here who recently played for UofA & frequently in communications with current players agree with you but were also surprised about Odom.

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According to an FOI from BOAS, Williams has a 3 year contract, starting at $1.1M in year 1 with automatic $75K raises in each of the 2nd and 3rd years. That would put him at $1.25M guaranteed 3 years out, if he stays here. We also paid the $160K buyout for Williams.

Matt has $700 annually for 2 years for Woodson. So, that $1.8M would put them very close to using up Odom’s salary. I’m not sure though, that BOAS has Odom’s salary correct at $1.85M. I thought he was over $2M last year.

We also paid the $160K buyout for Woodson.

I think you will find that Matt is as up to date on the current contracts at the UofA as anyone involved with covering the Hogs.


I’m certain he is. He didn’t have any info about Williams contract in his article about Woodson, so this was the first one I pulled up. I was just responding to Swine Fusion about the combined Williams and Woodson contracts.

Which is exactly what I said. I saw the BOAS story too when I was checking before my post.

And I was just confirming that with the numbers attached.

Richard, Matt, or anybody know anything on Dominique Bowman? Noticed that he wasn’t in the picture with Isaac Teslaa. Every assistant was with him except Bowman. Does that mean we are in the market for another defensive coach? Looks like Deke Adams is staying though as he was in the picture.

Yes. Bowman is out.

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Thanks! And dang, I kinda liked him. Will be interesting to see what position the new coach takes over!

No knowledge of the details and reasons, but just an observation on the in and out trend of assistants. Obviously the landscape of college football calls for immediate results and there is both money to afford to make changes and the pressure to as well. My observation/concern is the impact on recruiting. Is it reasonable to think that these guys can very quickly assimilate into new locations and retain and or develop new relationships that enable recruiting successes?

It would seem to me, that when hiring assistants, a minimum of two years would need to be the expectation to get much out of the hire. Even as much a I think Arkansas is a highly desired landing spot for recruits, history tells me that hard work, relationships and program performance have been the drivers for better results on the recruiting trails.