Marcus Miller

Treylon’s old lumberjack teammate. How is he progressing? I know the numbers are down on the D-line. Will the big fella log major minutes this year?

I’ve only seen him play significant time once, that was the LSU game, 2020, when the dl was decimated by COVID protocol. He made some nice plays, but wore out quickly

Based on how he played that day, I really expected to see him in the rotation by now. He certainly has a great opportunity now. I have not heard him mentioned much at all by the coaches this spring


I never ever hear anything about him at all. Cameron Ball gets a few mentions, so I really wouldn’t count on Miller playing anytime soon…

He worked with the second- or third-team defense quite a bit at practices I watched, depending on what kind of front was being played. Did not hear much about him. I think the opportunity for him to push for playing time has been right there. Not sure much ground is being made. We all would have heard about that.

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Miller has the frame. He needs a solid push in weight room. He was not mentioned in the two deep talk I had with Barry Odom last week. Because he’s not in two deep. That conversation will be in the June magazine. It is the last thing I did while being on the payroll. One of my favorite things to do. I am grateful coordinators have done it for 30 years. I will miss doing that.


Clay, thinking back…. Would this be the first time you’ve interviewed the same OC and DC for three magazines in a row ?

Also, what was the best thing you heard in these last interviews? Or most interesting or surprising?

Also did it hit you as you wrapped?

The next magazine will carry that info. Not going to spill it early here. The interviews are for the magazine. Sorry.

As far as interviewing coordinators, Nutt did them for both sides of the ball at one point. Early on I did each position coach which was ideal. You got more detail and it was wonderful.

Petrino is the one who suggested I do coordinators so there was maybe one 3-year span with Paul Petrino and Willy Robinson. I’m guessing there. Seems I did Dan Enos and Robb Smith for three years, maybe not.

The HI issue I have looked forward to the most for many years is the one that includes the position coaches/coordinators assessments. I save them for 3+ years and refer back to them often. I hope they continue in some form by somebody.

Didn’t I see a Razorback DL from Georgia enter the portal this week? i thought I saw it on Twitter, but haven’t seen anything on the board about it.

Forget it…I must have gotten that confused with Kelin Burrle.

That actually was Boykin who had already transferred from Arkansas to ETSU, or so, and now is transferring again.

That’s what it was. I was confused by it. Thanks for the clear up.

That session with coaches prepares me for the season. It’s background on what is going on with everything. My favorite doing them was Paul Petrino. He gave me behind-the-scenes specifics that sometimes I couldn’t write but also some stuff that was usable.

I admire your discretion for feeling that you could not write about some of the “stuff” in which Coach PP was involved!

I generally do listen closely and toss out some stuff that really isn’t needed. I guess I’ve always done that. You end up getting a lot more usable stuff when you do that. It builds up trust and confidence in coaches. You can write it all if you want and that’s the end of getting the good background stuff that helps you understand exactly what’s going on. You learn that over time. There are some that write it all. Well, that’s not me. Some coaches will say “that’s off the record.” Eventually when you have worked with a coach you know what’s off the record without being told. Danny Ford is an example of that. I did write some of his stuff that was too good to be true. I was in a one-on-one with him when he said it doesn’t take a “scientific rocket” to figure that out. It’s widely associated with him and it was in a one-on-one with me.

The scientific rocket quote was one for the ages!
Much better than " I called that play Chuck". I think scientific rocket and the Larry Johnson quote may be the two most popular quotes on these boards.

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