's time to....

Start carrying little brothers bags…

And learning to live off that 5% agent fee.

And don’t forget to say “yes sir” to the boss.

It’s just business man…

You’d probably have a better shot at reaching Marcus at or rather than posting on Whole Hog Sports. I’m sure he would enjoy hearing from you.

He doesn’t have to post it their… I thoroughly enjoyed reading the post.

Actually, I think this is the part where Marcus discovers that Cal was lying and will discover that Cal is doing everything he can to make sure Malik’s stock draft will fall as far as possible. Granted, maybe not very far, but Cal will likely do what is in his best interest, not what he promised Marcus. Who looked better in the tourney, Monk, Fox, or Adebeyo?

Sarcasm meant for the fine folks on this board.
The Monk brand could care less about what we think of them.