Marcus Henderson

What’s the deal w Henderson being listed as a TE? Do we really want a gigantic TE? Also he was a pretty highly recruited olineman, would he not be better served there?

Listed is the right word. He is an offensive lineman.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets a good look at RT now that Cunningham is back, I know he initially wasn’t comfortable there but I believe if he is given a chance to get comfortable there he could be a great player.

The TEs had no bodies in the room, so that’s why Henderson is there.

Sam Pittman has said many times LT is Marcus Henderson’s spot.

Left tackle is where Henderson moves best. Great feet.

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Hopefully, Cunningham coming back will provide just the year we need to start to transition depth and Henderson will be ready to fill that spot beginning next (2022) season. That’s one thing we’ve lacked for so long - the next guy up. I think we may see that at LT. But we are thin at TE, even with Kern coming back. HH will need to stay healthy, with Toll going back to DE. Hopefully, Erin Outley can get some PT this year. We can’t have him sit. He needs to play. He will need to be ready in 2022. Same for LB. Love Morgan coming back, but we could lose him and Pool at the same time. It’s nice having these guys back, but we need to use that to build depth and get guys ready. It’s what we’ve needed, now we have it. Use it.

I agree and in a perfect world thats where he would be but sometimes when you’re trying to get the best 5 out there a person has to grow comfortable in a position He has the feet to play anywhere up front. Willis the big offensive tackle from Alabama had never played left tackle but was drafted to play there because Cleveland had no suitable LT (like we don’t for RT)and has done a great job for Cleveland there this year.

I don’t think Pittman asked Cunningham to come back so he could move him around. I think it’s mutual, improve the draft stock. If that means play RT, he will. That said, I don’t think one players is bigger than the team, but I do think there’s a mutual understanding of why Cunningham was recruited to come back.

Not sure I see Cunningham as an nfl left tackle. I would guess another slot would. Be more suited.

you may be right. It’ll be interesting to see where CSP thinks he’s best suited.

Mel Kiper has him as a left tackle. I believe Cunningham will play left tackle next year at Arkansas.

Where do you see Henderson playing?

Probably tackle.

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