Marcus Henderson enters transfer portal

He was listed as Arkansas’ backup center for the Liberty Bowl:

Is this the lineman slot mentioned in todays presser or is that now two needed?

A ton of potential but never materialized. We definitely have several that can fill the spot, especially Patrick Kutas

Hard to build depth when it is “if I don’t start, I am out of here.” There are some bigger dudes in the freshman class and on the way in this recruiting and portal class. I guess Marcus saw the handwriting on the wall and decided to go where it is easier to get to play.

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Probably so

Good grief…surprised at this point you don’t wait until after bowl game but I am sure there is some #’s reason for it.

I was kind of hoping we would utilize him as a blocking TE in the bowl game. Thought that might be his future, given his struggles to gain weight.

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