Marcus Freeman is new ND coach

BREAKING: Notre Dame to Hire DC Marcus Freeman as New Head Coach | CBS Sports HQ - YouTube

heard Radio talking about this today that he would be one the players would love,he is a Elite recruiter probabaly has a lot to do with it

Not sure what to think about that one. Heck of a place to get your first HC job. I am not saying he is not deserving of the job but I wonder if this was a move to keep Kelly from taking his staff with him. I hope he has lots of success except when they play the Hogs.

Yeah definently not the sexy hire most people thought they might get but in listening to a person in the media there today he said the one person they absolutely could not lose is Freeman bc Recruiting would really suffer if he left so maybe they were afraid of that happening…its a risk for sure but we proved it can be done with Sam so we will see.I just saw they are keeping their OC Rees so that will be a big help to him

There have been reports that Freeman is a leading candidate, but I’ve not heard he was about to be announced. I guess Fickel backed out due to Cincy’s spot in CFP. This will be viewed as a meteoric rise by Freeman. Sounds like the OC has agreed to stay at ND for the 2022 season. Dodd has better sources than others…

Yeah that’s what I’m seeing too Larry… may not be a done deal after all…

I’m hearing that Jack Swarbrick had to move quickly (1) because BK wanted to bring Freeman and the OC to LSU and (2) Freeman was also being considered for the Duke job.

Think this is right. The OC had to sign on first before DC got the position from other sources. Both are up and comers and strong recruiters given most of credit for who they have committed so far. That said and the ND history of hiring first timers, this arrangement will not likely work out in long term. Only one person gets to control the steering wheel --both good and bad times.

Yeah the radio show that I heard that morning was talking about Freeman was definitely one they could not afford to lose because he was incredibly popular with the players and was by far their best recruiter so I think they were locking him up because they were afraid they were going to lose him

Notre Dame may have scored a free upgrade.

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He’s definitely got the keys to the car… We’ll see how good a driver he is

Unless he wins a NC then he won’t be an upgrade.

Freeman may be an up & coming coach, but HC vs DC is a big upgrade & risky gamble for ND. Of course ND gambled on a high school coach. Expected Campbell or Rhule to be their safe choices & primary considerations.

I use more than one metric when evaluating head coaches, but you’re of course free to measure as you like.

I hope for his sake that he’s not the next Jimmy Lake.

Freeman came up under jim trashells’ system and although the coaching technique might become admirable, HOPEFULLY for him he will not copy the 'ol douche bags character.

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