March Recruiting Issue in the Mail

Our March 2017 Recruiting Special was printed this morning. It should go in the mail this afternoon. It’s 72 pages, with 27 capsules on the new recruits. It’s our biggest ever. The cover is Koilan Jackson from Joe T. Robinson. I’ll keep some suspense for the story. Some cool things revealed after spending a few hours at Joe T. with Todd Eskola, David Porter and Koilan. I’ll say this, I love Joe T. Very nice place and somewhere I’d send my kid to go to school. Got some neat pics of Koilan that everyone will enjoy.

One thing to know, if you are not getting Hawgs Illustrated magazine, this would be a good time to start. Call 800-757-6277 and our office subscription clerks will help get this one to you as the first one. You will be glad you did.

Clay one thing I always thought was neat… One time back in the day, on each recruits capsule you had a little state map with a little Hog to indicate where the recruit came from…

I just thought that was super cool…

Anyway, very much looking forward to the issue.

That was my idea. I have not done that in a few years, but it’s probably worth going back to. Thanks for reminding me.

Clay, did you call that play?

Sorry I couldn’t resist a little Nutt

Never called a play. But I do pick cover pictures, story ideas and do write my own columns. I do not have an offensive coordinator.

I wanted to get an offensive coordinator…but my wife said I was offensive enough and didn’t need someone to coordinate it…

So naturally I said “Yes dear”

Can’t take the chance of her cutting off the laundry.

I guess your the boss at your house! At least until your wife gets home.

I told my wife that I’d make all the major decisions (and she could do those deemed minor) when we got married. So far, we have not had any major decisions. She’s handled all the minor ones in great fashion.

Made it to Russellville already! Awesome job Clay.