March Recruiting Issue in the Mail

Our March 2017 Recruiting Special was printed this morning. It should go in the mail this afternoon. It’s 72 pages, with 27 capsules on the new recruits. It’s our biggest ever. The cover is Koilan Jackson from Joe T. Robinson. I’ll keep some suspense for the story. Some cool things revealed after spending a few hours at Joe T. with Todd Eskola, David Porter and Koilan. I’ll say this, I love Joe T. Very nice place and somewhere I’d send my kid to go to school. Got some neat pics of Koilan that everyone will enjoy.

One thing to know, if you are not getting Hawgs Illustrated magazine, this would be a good time to start. Call 800-757-6277 and our office subscription clerks will help get this one to you as the first one. You will be glad you did.

Received mine today. The 2017 Recruiting Special = greatness!

And as usual i’m still waiting on my copy?

I don’t have mine yet.

Then by all means call our office at 800-757-6277 and check. They can mail another one.

I will say that it was mailed eight days ago. For out-of-state, that’s about what it takes for delivery. We have found that second class mail that goes through the hubs at Tulsa, Memphis and Carrolton, Texas hits the wall and stacks up. Sad.

But no matter where you live out of state, second class mail often times creeps along. Mine came in Fayetteville on Saturday and that’s two-day delivery from Little Rock, where it’s printed.

I have been saving these for YEARS - only magazines I keep. Great every year. Thanks for the good work!

Clay: Anyway to order online?

If you want a single copy, you can call our office. I don’t know of a way to do single copy orders on-line.

Our office number is 800-757-6277.