March Quarantine?

There is some talk that the Dance could be cancelled this year. While that would be tragic, it is critical that the spread of this virus is contained.

Well there’s also other factors in our society that bother me! Parents not having their kids get shots! Are we going to quarantine them as well? Are we going to do something to stop illegal immigration and all of those people bringing in new viruses?
Stay clean and away from large crowds in flu season. Stay clean and wash your hands all day long! This is no different! The CDC will get a handle on it and we will be fine.

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I could see them playing the games with no fans in attendance. It would be weird, but they make most of their money off TV. Now, how would the places that paid big bucks to get games in their town deal with that? Don’t know.

There is a group of Americans that love to be miserable.
Locking fans out of games would be a great way to promote misery.

Uh, that would be crazy. Are they closing all the schools, shopping malls high school athletic contests etc, etc…? No, the over reaction to this disease due to it’s cool name is amazing. Swine flu, bird flu etc… TV news and social media driven frenzy and chaos

How many folks got to die before it’s not an overreaction? Just wondering.

We have to have March Madness even if we close the sites and watch on our TVs.

I am not saying they should close anything. I personally think this thing will be much like the H1N1 from a few years ago that caused some panic, but ended up being no big deal. However, please note that have shut down a lot of Japan (closed schools for over a month). If this thing goes bad, large gatherings of people will be banned. Sporting events will either be canceled or played without fans,

Again, doing that today would be nuts. But in a few weeks, things could look very different. Not saying it will. Just saying it might,

I’m in a country now (kuwait) that has put complete travel bans on several countries and restrictions / medical protocols are climbing on many others.
It seems every other year some flu or virus is generated from Asian countries (most notably China) and the masks are worn everywhere as a precaution.
Just a note, but people are still dying at a higher rate from the previous flu’s / diseases as well.
Should it affect events that America and the World has traditionally enjoyed year after year and would that curb the spread of it? I don’t know. But to hamper such events as March Madness, then what, NBA Playoffs, World Cup, World Series, Major Tennis events, Golf, list goes on and on. Not a good idea-JMVHO.

Coronavirus is more dangerous because of the social media climate it exists within. An election year has every news outlet - and presidential candidate - hard-wired to use the virus for political gain. There is a struggle to understand the basics, and reasonable people are on an emotional pendulum swinging between “meh, just another bad bug” to “OMG the end is near.”

I found this article to be really well-written, and a nicely balanced view:

I trust on healthcare matters. Ezra Klein is a pretty solid journalist.

From the article: "But the key is public information and having an informed population, finding those cases, rapidly isolating them. The faster you isolate them is what breaks the chains. Making sure close contacts are quarantined and monitored until you know if they’re infected. Somewhere between 5 and 15 percent of those contacts are infected. And again, it’s the close contacts, not everyone. "

Probably more than the everyday texting and driving deaths.

Italy is playing all sporting events for the next month in empty stadiums, no fans, because of the virus.

Would be an extreme measure for the Dance, and half the fun is the crowd going nuts when a 15 seed is threatening a 2, but I suppose that’s a possibility.

I also saw that Chicago State University is cancelling all athletic events because of the virus.

calm down people. it is just the flu. more deaths from “normal flu” then this. More media ridiculousness.

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Well, in the US we’re up to 11 now. I think it would need to be more than that to be a crisis. I haven’t looked it up but I’m guessing that many people have died of the good ole fashion unnamed flu.

In China, yes, a crisis exists but the latest reports have said it is being somewhat contained at this point. I guess I’m focusing on here in the US and the discussion around cancelling events based on fear of something that doesn’t seem to be prevalent within our borders at this point.

I think it’s premature to consider that. We don’t know how widespread the virus is. It would help if we knew how many cases there were and where they are.

I spent some time with Hunter Yurachek earlier this week. There are real concerns on college campuses because of the number of foreign students. Where they have been and who they have been with is almost impossible to know. There are flu cases on every campus in the country, but no one has been testing for the new virus yet. They will be testing as they move forward. I think they expect to find cases.

I was not planning to attend any NCAA tournament games. I guess it doesn’t matter a whole lot to me what they do, but I do get that it’s a complex decision.

The economics involved are massive, to say the least.

The thing that does concern me is not with the NCAA basketball tournament, but everything else that is going to begin to come to a halt if they play the games in empty buildings. That will be the start of a lot more of that type of thing.

According to co-workers & medical friends working in China, this virus is much worse than the normal flu & more easily transmitted. Too many healthy there are dying from this virus that is significantly more deadly than the flu. Hopefully it fades out as the weather gets warmer.

Until there is a vaccine or this goes away, we do what we can to contain it rather than risk its spread as they are doing in China.

Stock markets already taking a hit from it.

This is not totally accurate.

All medical indications are it is NOT more easily transmissible than influenza.

At the epicenter of the outbreak, China has had about 3000 deaths.

By comparison, here in the US, with about 1/5 the population of China, we have had 19 MILLION cases of flu, and over 10,000 flu deaths and 18,000 hospitalizations.

Think about that for a moment…

Not to seem insensitive to the coronavirus and its plight, but I can’t help but wish its timing were different, and that it had instead arisen and caused worry during the Chad Morris football era. A fan quarantine during that time inarguably would’ve created multiple benefits.

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