March Madness will be in a bubble

Probably in Indianapolis.

I am trying to work myself through the logistics. Outside of play in games, you have 64 teams on opening weekend. Assuming they stick with the current format, that is 16 games on Thursday and 16 games on Friday. How many courts do you need? With no, or limited, fans to get in and out, would you play 4 games on one court? (That is what happens at conference tournaments all the time). I am trying to remember what they do for “normal” first round sites. Good gosh my memory sucks. I went to the first and second round in North Little Rock a few years ago and can’t even remember! Was it 4 games on the first day? Two, two game sessions? How can I not remember!

So, if you did that, you would need 4 courts, use the same courts both days. They would have to be of good to very good quality and be able to accommodate TV.

I guess that is doable in a major metro area. I don’t know what you do for practice times that teams normally get.

It sounds like they would use multiple courts in the Indianapolis area. With limited or no crowds, you could play at small colleges, high schools, Butler, IUPUI, Bankers Life Fieldhouse, almost anywhere. Or do multiple courts at Lucas Oil Stadium. You’d probably need just four courts with 4 games per day, or eight courts with 2 per day, for the first round.

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