March Madness trivia

We all remember what happened April 4, 1994. How many different schools (including us) have gotten to cut down the nets as national champions since the Dance started in 1939?

The only thing I care about is the fact that only 3 SEC teams have ever won a Natty in basketball. Us, Kentucky, and Fla. I am much more focused on being the 5th college team to win the trifecta…National Championships in football, basketball, and baseball. I think DVH is gonna git er done. Go Hogs!

So… you don’t know :stuck_out_tongue:

You got me, Swine. I guess I could Google it, but it would probably just be faster to let you enlighten us.

I actually got a correct answer via DM, so I’ll go ahead. There have been 35 different schools win the natty. Fifteen of them have multiple titles; 20 have one NC each. So we’re tied for 16th. And 322 other D-I schools ain’t got one.

I think of myself as pretty smart, but I still don’t want to play Jeopardy with you, Swine.

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