March Madness reveal goes through shake up (story)... … ts-shake-/

I say a good idea.

MMmm Can’t think of the last time I said that about the NCAA…

CBS has been tinkering with the show for three years. There was near a revolt two years ago and I figure most won’t enjoy waiting 45 minutes to find out their matchup and location this year.

I don’t understand it. The selection show worked well for years under the same format. Why fix something that isn’t broken?

I liked the old way the show was done! Oh course I’m old too! I can’t see how the Big East should get 2 number 1 seeds from that conference.
I don’t ever believe no matter how things are done it will never satisfy everyone! Post a bracket and let it rip!
What’s nice about the show this year again I’ll be waiting to see where our hogs go and who we play! Hoping for a good first round matchup and also pray we avoid The potential matchup with North Carolina or Duke in round 2!