Marc Curles....

Oh boy… :shock:

There you go…

Amazing they let him call our game. :oops:

Ole Miss routinely runs picks and never a word is said. It’s how you get guys wide open like Engram keeps finding himself. They mug Sprinkle and HE gets the penalty.

Very frustrating…

Another phantom call…

Coach is playing for a fantastic finish at the end of the game. We should be aggressive offensively on every possession. Throw on 3rd and 2. Spread out the defense at all times. We are not a power running team this year. I know stats may say something else, but it’s the game situation that counts.

How is that guy even allowed to call SEC games? He is just bad. No way to sugar coat it.

The Hog fans flooded the SEC facebook page with complaints about Curles after he screwed us against Florida a few years ago. I think it is time for a repeat of complaints on the SEC facebook page. It created national attention that we complained on the SEC page so Curles was not allowed to call our games…I can’t understand why he is able to call ours after that?

Curly Curles = INCOMPETENT.

Blantant calls against the good guys aren’t they graded out as well?

Someone needs to get him in check

I am shocked he is allowed to do our games after he was suspended for his biased calls when we played Florida a while back. If a ref has a history of suspension with a team then he should not be allowed to ref their games. This is another area of illegitimacy within the SEC.

I cringe every time I see Marc Curles. I try to forget that he’s on the field. But it’s difficult. No, it’s impossible.

Someone needs to WRITE HIM A BIGGER CHECK…

The hogs are now 9-0 in games Curles has officiated since the 2009 Florida game.

The bigger issue is why does the SEC still support corrupt or illegitimate refs after all of the bad PR? If we are the best conf then we should have the best refs; not ones with the most bias. We should not have to beat the refs and the opponent.

Sounds like we need to see more of him.

How much of it is Curles & how much of it is the crew he works with? As the referee, he’s probably not making most of the calls. Who made that horrible offensive pass-interference call against Sprinkle? And as much as I hated the offsides call that negated Brooks Ellis’s INT, it appeared to be the right call–at least if a player being 6 inches over the line a long way from the play is something that should ever be called. As for the targeting call, I can’t decide if it was correct or not. I know they’ve gotten a lot stricter about those plays, but it sure seemed to me to be a clean hit where he didn’t lead with the helmet. I could see the 15 yard penalty, but it didn’t look like an ejectionable offense.

But back to my main question. How much is on Curles & how much on the other officials in the crew?

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It’s probably my imagination but at this point it even feels like he knows he’s the heel/hated and he feeds into it.

His whole demeanor seems that way to me.

Does anyone have Curles’ phone number or email? I’d like a full and frank exchange of views with him.