Marc Curles is Here!

Our friend, Marc Curles, is the referee for tonight. He’s from the SEC, but he’s also our friend from the Florida game a few years back. I always cringe when I see Marc Curles.

Wonderful. :roll:

That explains the late swing in money on TCU. At least it’s not Wagers

Wagers is done calling SEC games. … -retiring/

:o :shock:

Oh My Goodness… :shock:

The girl in the comments section said she dressed as Wagers for Halloween and walked around her office throwing flags for no reason…I love it :lol:

Wow…just wow… :o

I am amazed at how Curles can have such an impact on a game. He is total sleaze and so is the SEC for keeping him.

We got some calls tonight, folks, like the illegal touching that wiped out what would have been the winning TD pass with 44 seconds left leading to the blocked FG. Call was correct, but he had to be paying attention to see that guy step on the sideline.

Actually, I’ve thought that ever since Curles blew that game at Gainesville, he’s done a pretty good job in our games. I think he knows he owes us one for that night.

So many holding violations that should have been called…

Granted, you could literally call it on almost any play, but even my spouse was recognizing a lot of them.

Any time I see Curles’s name my blood still boils after that Florida game years ago.

He should never call a Hog game again…period.

I would love to know if he was the reason the point spread jumped from 7.5 to 10.5 today before the game.

I seriously doubt it. The assigned refs’ identity is not widely known, and even if the Vegas sharps got that word, they wouldn’t know our history with him. I suspect a bunch of late money coming in from Texass. Easy flight from DFW to LAS…

Discussing the lack of penalty calls against TCU (obvious holding, etc.):

Chuck: “This is an SEC crew too!” Keith: “Exactly.”

We got some and got hosed on a bunch. It evened out. The reversal of the Morgan catch was bogus on many levels. The Raulerson hold was weak.

But, they called them for some, too.

TCU is clearly from the “make them call a hold on you on every play” school of OL play.

The illegal touching was clear and we shouldn’t have to apologize for that.

That’s the best you can hope for IMO. Refs will make mistakes. You hope (a) they even out and (b) the really critical ones don’t go against you. That illegal touching call was pretty darn critical against TCU. So was the throat-slash call against Thrill (sounds like we’re talking about a hockey game here).

Yes… Agree… The ref had to be paying incredible attention to catch that illegal touching. I bet 9 times out of 10 that one would go unnoticed.

I was at the game and I can tell you that the TCU folks feel that they got jobbed by the SEC officials. Particularly, they were upset at a face-mask penalty in the first half that was not called on us. I have not seen the playback yet (it was a late night getting back from Fort Worth), so I don’t know if their disdain is justified on that or not.

Just goes to show you . . . it’s pretty normal for fans of both teams to feel that the officials did them wrong . . .

If you’re talking about the fumble. Yes, we got away with one, but on Hatcher’s pass int (defense initiated contact after 5 yards), and the no call on Morgan they got away with one, and let’s not forget about all the holding no calls (on both sides)