Marc Curles frat buddy called me

He asked if I could forgive Curles a little…running joke for a decade plus.

Who was the lead official of this crew so I have a name to complain about with the likes or Curles and Costello?

Look forward to the weak apology/one week suspension that does nothing.


Referee: Jason Autrey

Umpire: Walt Hill

Linesman: Chad Green

Line judge: Chuck Rice

Back judge: J. Middlebrooks

Field judge: M Williams

Side judge: Martin Hankins

Center judge: Mike Block

Alternate: Mike Block

I will say though…my buddy is adamant Curles is a wonderful human being…

Kinda like Chad Morris is a wonderful human being…

Jeffrey Dahmer’s mom probably thought he was a wonderful human being. Curles (and Autrey, etc) are not Dahmer, but you get the point. :slight_smile:

I hope you told him “not no, but hell no!”

Ask your buddy what year did the Arkansas’ girl dump Curles?

Curles was promoted to the review booth by his SEC friends.

Mc Daid didn’t even have a weak apology - basically said - It Sucks - get over it - “Bitter pill” after all Arkansas - Sucks to be you"

Well if McDaid is honest - not sure he is - he at least acknowledges - a mistake was made than throws the crew he hired under the bus but his full time review people got it right -

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