Maravich's record safe for now

Antoine Davis of Detroit Mercy (son of former Bama player and Indiana head coach Mike Davis) had a chance to pass Pete Maravich as the all-time NCAA leading scorer last night. But he only scored 26 points and Detroit Mercy lost to Youngstown State in their conference tournament, so he’s 3 points short of the record. (He missed a trey at the buzzer).

Season over, no record, right? Not so fast. The CBI is still out there and, even with a losing record, Detroit Mercy might be able to buy its way in with a $50,000 fee (CBI has always been pay to play). And it sounds like that might happen.

By the way, the alltime leading women’s scorer, about 150 points behind Maravich, is Kelsey Plum. Who played for Mike Neighbors at Washington.

Wow I thought nobody would ever even come close to matching Pete of course he did his in 3 years…

And Davis is there in 5 years thanks to the COVID year. And has made more treys than anyone in NCAA history, which of course Pete didn’t have. But Davis isn’t taking 35 shots a game, which Pete did. Pete would not have gotten away with that crap if his dad hadn’t been the head coach, I suspect. LSU was so bad they just let Pete do whatever he wanted.

Ahhh ok that explains it… still the kid obviously is a very good scorer…

Yes somebody charted all the shots and baskets Pete made said with the three-point line he would have ave 57 points a game LOL… just insane

Both of you guys beat me to the punch on that one, I was thinking, wait a minute, something gotta be wrong…Maravich played 83 games for LSU, this kid, and not to take anything away from his ability, played 62 in the last two years alone.

I read Davis considered transferring after last season but decided to finish at DM (playing for his dad probably had something to do with it). Would have been nice to add somebody who shot 41% from deep this year. Doubt he would have averaged 28 a game like he did up there, but that’s some serious shooting.

He is no Pistol Pete. Detroit Mercy does not play in the SEC either.


You’re right Clay. Maravich was absolutely amazing to watch! His ball handling was crazy good too.

True, but I looked up what he did this year against opponents from better conferences:

Florida Atlantic (27-3 and ranked): 22 points
Boston College: 13 points
Washington State: 15 points
Charlotte: Played them home and home for some reason, scored 26 and 36
Cincinnati: 17 points

Then again, Clay, the SEC Pete played in was Kentucky and the Nine Dwarfs.

I think there was some quality there. Compared to these chumps.

The kid plays in the Horizon League. C’mon. Not a Maravich fan, huh? :sunglasses:

This. :sunglasses:

What Pistol Pete was on the court I was on the bench. I knew my role.


Pistol Pete would kill it in this current SEC as well. His fundamentals were amazing, so fun to watch. I sometimes go back and watch Pete’s play just to smile. He could ball

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The Pistol was the most fun player to watch in basketball. He was a 6-5 point guard 50 years ago. He was an incredible ball handler, passer and scorer. No look passing, dribbling between his legs on the run. He was a basketball genius. He averaged over 40 points a game without the 3 point line He had incredible range on this shot. I have not seen anybody like him, nor has anybody else.


Actually for a year or two of that era, LSU had several other good players, but daddy would set them on the bench if they did not pass to Pete. If Pete made an impressive pass to them (and he could really do that too!!!), it was okay for them to shoot.

That sounds about right.

Can you imagine Muss letting somebody shoot 35 times a game?

On the other hand, for that era LSU was not considered worth a darn in basketball until Pete arrived. Game attendance (and revenue) was very limited. When Pete played on the freshman team (remember, freshmen were not allowed to play on the varsity teams), the stands would be full, but would thin considerably (!) for the varsity game that followed. For the next several years when Pete was on the varsity, the stands were usually full (though the W-L records were not very good). Coach job was to put butts in the seats. As mentioned earlier, Pete was a basketball magician who was absolutely amazing to watch. I agree that we will probably never see another Pete.

In Pete’s three varsity years, LSU was 14-12, 13-13, and then got all the way to 22-10, making the NIT (only conference champs and independents made the Dance until the mid-70s).

They finished 6th, 7th and 2nd in the SEC.

But basically, Kentucky and Vandy were the only SEC schools that gave a darn about basketball in the late 60s.

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Never will forget when Kentucky was playing LSU and my grandfather was visiting and he knew absolutely zero about basketball.

Kentucky obviously won but it wasn’t a blowout but it was an insane game… Pete went for 64… Big Dan issel had 51 for Kentucky.

Pistol Pete was dribbling the ball in the right hand corner with literally two or three people hanging on him and he fired up a high lofting shot as he was literally falling into the bench and it hit nothing but nylon… my Grandfather said “that boy’s got a eye for that goal don’t he!!!”. lol Pete was unbelievable and was by far my favorite player of all time.

I Saw him light up Clyde Frazier for 68 in Madison Square Garden and Clyde was an absolutely incredible defensive player but on that night Pete turned him every which Way but loose!!! The expression on Clyde’s face after a while was shrugging his shoulder and putting his hands out like “what you expect me to do”???.. When he had it going he was just incredible because the variety of shots he hit was amazing


My son said one time that Shaq was LSUs all time best player. Told him to Google Pete and get back to me.