Many Thanks to The Razorbacks this 4th of July

I’ve served in uniform for over 33 years (if you include ROTC)

In those years in the most difficult of places

From the Mudd of Hohenfels Germany

The sands of Waddi EL Batien

Baghdad, Taji, Mosul

Kansas, Louisiana, New Jersey, Kentucky and Tennessee or the National Training Center at Ft Irwin Cal

The Razorbacks were a breath of fresh air and home in distant places

Like a tank turret listen on The Armed Forces Network of Lou Hoktz dismantling of Texas (Spit) on REFORGER

I’ve driven up mountain sides in s Hummer and set up a radio to catch the final shootout and - I neigher confirm or deny - breaking noise discipline by calling the Hogs on a Bavarian hillside after an Razorback Victory as Coach Williams lost his “Arkansas Cat” (screw him and his Texas - Spit)

I digress

Sort of died a little when the mighty Matt Jones failed to score and put Texas (spit) away in 2004 - it’s just as good folks got rowdy and I had to leave for a mission so I actually didn’t get to see Arkansas lose that game in 2004

My HI for that game never made it to me either - happens when angry people shoot up your mail truck

I Watched Arkansas take Florida to the edge with a hospital bed TV in the Baghdad ER (green zone) next to a Bama fan missing an Arm but calling the Hogs with me Because it was Ark against Florida and both of us wearing Red Hats with an “A” it just felt right.

I’m not even going to talk about UT in 1998

But where ever I went a Razorback patch or hat was with me - and I waited with glee to get a 3 week old Sunday Arkansas Gazette with Orville’s commentary

Or in this last war - eagerly awaiting my HI By the younger Henry

My Razorbacks sustained me and everyone from Arkansas was a brother and Sister

I love this wonderful land and Great Republic and the Razorbacks helped me serve -

I’m forever grateful for the Razorbacks because no matter where I’ve been - good or bad - wet - dry - exhausted or recovering - the Razorbacks were home and that’s means rest and good people and rest

God Blesd these United States Of America

Have a wonderful 4th of July

Go Hogs Go best Texas (Spit)

Best LSU too

Best the SEC always

Great post. Thank you for your service.

Boar, what a great post for this wonderful day! Thank you for sharing it &for your service. God bless America!

Bless you, Boar. Thanks for your service to our country. I always enjoy your posts. WPS!!

TYSM for your responses

I’ve loved my time of service in uniform

And so grateful for our Razorbacks
To me the two are inseparable - being a Razorback fan was always a positive escape innbad times - and spice to places far from home in good times - even got a hand written note from coach Hatfield once

Now hoping for the best

Go Hogs Go

I’ll always think of you as Bluegrass. Probably because my best friend lives in Louisville. We grew up in Pine Bluff in the 50’s and 60’s and he ended up marrying a Louisville gal while working at WAKY radio with “Your Duke of Louisville Bill Bailey”.

Thanks brother for your sacrifice and service. My dad was a survivor of the Battle of the Bulge having marched across Europe with General George Patton. He hardly would talk about his war experiences but my Uncle filled me in on many of them. Guys and gals like you and dad are examples of real hero’s. You put yourself in harms way to defend and protect our country. Many, many thanks. There is no words suffienct to express our appreciation. None.

Great memories you posted. Our Hogs give us much pleasure even when we fall short of our goals.

Thanks again. It’s good to hear from you always.

LDHog - aka Danny

God Bless you for your service. God Bless America. I understand and share your love of the Razorbacks. GHG! From an old Airborne Ranger.

I always love reading these type posts. Hawgs Illustrated travels all over the world.

We need a “Like” button on these posts

Truly thankful for the warmth of the responses

I’ve been off the board being doing some recovery

Will officially retire the second time from as a Govt Civ employee the 31st Dec

Doctors orders - my service has worn me out - but I have no regrets except missing my children’s formative years - I hope to do better with grandchildren


Despite being in Kentucky - do my best to feed them heart warming Razorback stories as part of thier Pappy’s heritage

Go Hogs Go

I’m hoping for a miracle breakout season in this new Coach Morris era

Razorback fans deserve somthing good to happen

I think we have earned our lesson - we won’t take winning for granted - tired of being College Soirts Chicago Cubs