Many programs on pause due to COVID

We are lucky Arkansas is on schedule to start play. Good job by staff and the players.

Yes, definitely. I also noticed that none of our OOC opponents are on that list either. Hopefully, it stays that way.

Muss said most of our team already has had COVID.

Say what?

COVID-19 hospitalizations in the US have set a daily record for 13 straight days (83,000+ as of Sunday) and it’s not even really cold yet. This basketball season is completely in jeopardy. I’m not sure May Madness is the answer but I do think it’s more doable than the traditional November-March.

Many people have already had Covid-19. Students, players, coaches, media, etc. Of course, many have not. Fortunately, the vast majority of those infected (virtually all of the young population) have recovered without incident. Most experts expect that trend to continue.

I don’t see a relevant correlation with COVID hospitalizations nationwide and playing collegiate sports. Perhaps there are cases of infections related to participation in college athletics that have required hospitalization… maybe intubation… maybe even death. If so, I missed it. Virtually every case I’ve seen has resolved without incident… as is true for the vast majority.

Have good protocols in place… including routine testing. Offer everyone the opportunity to opt in or out. And let’s tip off hoops on time… please.

Seriously? A physician who doesn’t get it? Maybe the athlete doesn’t need hospitalization, or even have symptoms. But he passes it on to his roommate, his English professor, or his grandmother, and THEY require hospitalization. Or one of the 4,000 fans who is allowed to attend at BWA. We’ve already heard of superspreader events – the Tulsa rally, the Sturgis bikefest, the Italian soccer game that triggered major problems in one of the teams’ cities. We don’t need any more superspreader events.

Ok, I’ll try again…

I very much get the situation, Jeff… and I’m also very aware of what motivates many to even continue to discuss this topic. Since this is a sports message board and not a medical information board, I’ll resist the urge to explain my views of your opinions.

To the HI staff that feels my deleted post was too political: fair enough. Point taken. I would ask, though. that you be even more liberal going forward with deleting posts or threads that masquerade as sports talk when they are really as “political” as you deemed mine to be.

Hit that one out of the park. Subtlety is often rare in a “person” who has positions that are way out in left field; however, in their clouded(mushy) perception they ‘feel’ they are in a groove and nailing every nail perfectly. Perhaps it was lost in the same moment with their inability to comprehend
logic. Maybe a deeper understanding of Bernoulli’s Theorem[Law of Large Numbers(LLN)] would be of great help. On the other hand, pessimism and doom and gloom are usually present in abundance. I am sure the ever present statistics with the necessary samples and probabilities that are inherent herein could lead easily into a discussion of baseball or just as easily open the door to a view of our new basketball players and the numbers they will soon grace us with. Have a safe and healthy Happy Thanksgiving.

I think this is true. I have an active 30 year old married son; several of his friends/peers have had it. None have required hospitalization; a couple had sick flu-like symptoms where they felt bad for several days, like the normal flu. I also have a work peer who has lost several family members to Covid, but they were all over 50.

The problem is the younger folks are those who infect the older ones who are not resilient.

On the other hand, the younger folks seem to be penalized the most. Common sense seems to indicate that we should separate the young ones from the older and in poor conditioned ones. Let the young ones play ball…and not have Thanksgiving with their older family members.

I’m ready for the vaccines.

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Outstanding post!

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