Many a doubt!

In fact I’m stunned we pulled this out. It just had the feel of a loss all night. Until it didn’t.


It’s the Hogs of old returned….you just knew somehow, some way, Arkansas would get the W….they always found a way to win!


LSU is a very talented team, but good won over evil tonite. Wade will get his comeuppance eventually.


what a great time for pinson to get cut off on that last drive…then icing on cake, couldn’t get the ball in from 6 feet away. Hogs D never quit!


I have always said that a good BB team needs luck to win a game in regular season. Then in the grind of the Dance (6 games) you need luck in ONE 1 game to win it all. Now you can make your own luck too…

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Yes they are. And I think sleazeball was just waiting for the right time to bust our bubble. But the cold water did not last.

Without pinon, pin ball whatever they are much better.

BTW how did me beat them by 7 or whatever? Now the games are running together, LOL

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Jeremy, I sure hope your right about Cheater Wade

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Is comeuppance a good thing?

Guilt, innocence — comeuppance can be either, and it can apply to things beyond the justice system. Nowadays you’ll most likely hear this word describe something bad. If someone gets a deserved punishment, you’d say “He got his comeuppance.”

Had to look it up or Google,LOL

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