Manny Watkins

Has he played tonight?

He had one assist in the first half, didn’t take a shot. Tonight we didn’t need him. Tuesday in Nashville, we might.

I hope someone asks Mike after the game about Manny. Just playing a couple minutes after coming off his best game really seems out of the norm for Mike. Maybe Manny has a slight injury or is under the weather.

There’s a lot of flu going around. Might be the explanation.

Comments: I understand he wasn’t feeling well all week

I hope Manny gets to feeling better. Anytime you hit the floor you need Manny!
He is one of my favorites on this team. He has heart !

Manny had flu. That is what Mike said on post game.

It was one of the first things that he sated - Thomas suspended for a half for a team rules violation and Manny with the flu