Manny hits a 3

Wow. Awesome

Nice looking shot. Mystery why we haven’t seen more attempts.

That was good for him, teams leave him open, he’s gotta take those shots to keep defense honest. That’s been my one criticism of him, hopefully he builds some confidence on that shot and takes them more often. The stroke looked good.

Last one was brick city, but had another rim in and out.

Yea, they were still leaving him open. Got 4 attempts this game.

Why isn’t Jones getting more playing time? Shouldn’t your best scorers be on the court most of the time? Why do I have a sense of frustration instead of exhilaration after a 19 point victory? Will the Hogs win another road game if they continue to exhibit such inconsistent play? Perhaps they can win at LSU if they can somehow play defense without wholesale fouling? i remain unconvinced they can emerge with a victory at Texas A & M, Auburn, Mississippi, Miss. St , Vanderbilt, Oklahoma State, South Carolina, and Florida.

Hits the first one, then thinks he’s Steph Curry. Just take the 1-for-1 and call it a night Manny.

There is something they don’t trust, yet…probably ball-handling and defense.

I sure hope they start going small and giving him minutes as a 3-4. They get very little rebounding, scoring, defense and shot-blocking from any big other than Moses, so I would much rather them play Jones and create offensive mismatches.

Play him as a stretch 4. He would be undersized but dangerous and he can’t be any weaker on the boards or defending the post.

I was watching him closely when he got in, I think defense is what’s holding him back. There was a couple of plays that kinda gave that away. On one play they were falling into a zone and Jones kinda got lost, and Beard went and literally pushed him into the right position, it was kind of funny. On another play I seen Macon yelling at him when they were falling back into transition defense, looks like he didn’t know where to go, or didn’t get there quick enough.