Maninoa Tufuno

4 Star USC DL listed at 6-3, 290 just entered the portal. Would love to see Arkansas reach out, we need the help.


He would help immensely. He was a top 200 player coming out of HS. He would sure help cement our defense.

That’s what I am talking about! Go get him asap! Need a gap stuffer

Coach Pittman has talked several times about how the Arkansas staff knows immediately when a kid hits the portal, has a group of folks that instantly researches if the transfer would fit here and then reaches out.

But it’s a two-way street so just because Arkansas would want a kid, the kid has to want Arkansas back.

I do hope we reach out….we certainly need someone his size in the dline.

The size I’m thinking the Hogs need is bigger than that. I guess there are no more John Ridgeway types hanging out in the portal. He was 6-6, 325.

Well maybe after spring training ,there will be two or three pop in there like last year.

Read some good reports on the Vanilla Gorilla from the Senior Bowl practices.

He got hurt the only play I saw, I got busy doing some things didn’t get the check back and see if he got back in the game

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