Man, those....

Virginia-Oregon and Michigan-Texas Tech games were hard on the eyes.

When did college basketball get so bad?

At least Tennessee-Purdue was mildly entertaining.

smh coach A had a fun style to watch when going right

No one can score anymore. Brick after brick after brick…


Maybe we do need Bruce Pearl after all. At least his players can put the ball thru the hoop.

That is why I watch NBA more than college basketball. Unless Hogs are playing, it is at times painful to watch. Now since Hawgball is dead forever, I hope Hogs don’t …

Hopefully, see more scoring in UK-Houston game tonight.

I agree, college hoops is painful to watch now. Used to be fun, what happened?

BJ Young, Marshawn Powell, Michael Qualls, Bobby Portis, Daniel Gafford.

More time spent today playing games and less time developing skills. Lack of serious basketball fundamentals and it start with our youth programs.

Nothing truer has ever been spoken.

The game is actually starting to trend the other way (as of 2016).

Average statistics in D1 basketball:

1988: 74.4 points, 68.9 FT%, 38.3 3pt%
1993: 73.6 points, 67.7 FT%, 35.4 3pt%
1998: 71.4 points, 67.5 FT%, 34.4 3pt%
2003: 70.2 points, 69.4 FT%, 34.8 3pt%
2008: 69.6 points, 69.1 FT%, 35.2 3pt%
2013: 67.5 points, 69.3 FT%, 34.1 3pt%
2016: 73.0 points, 69.2 FT%, 34.7 3pt%
2017: 73.4 points, 69.9 FT%, 35.2 3pt%
2018: 73.8 points, 70.4 FT%, 35.2 3pt%

Personally, I love watching Virginia. Offensively challenged, yes, but that teams plays defense as hard as any I can remember. UVA made a couple of free throws in the closing seconds to go up five points last night, and the Oregon ball handler coming back up the court was dogged as soon as he got to halfcourt. It was incredible to watch.