Man This Weather This Am

Is fabulous! Mercy, I needed this, cool relaxing time on a lake. Going to play golf today with my boys then on lake tomorrow and Friday. So good to be back in Arkansas. I may not go home!
If only I could transplant my new house up here on this lake somewhere! And some of my patients(only the nice ones…Ha!)

Which lake are you hanging at?

hogdr, if you move your house up on that lake you just might get plenty of “voluntary patients” from this board.

It was a perfect day outside. I went for a short bike ride at 5:30 this evening, thinking I would make it back in plenty of time for Kjerstad to be selected in the baseball draft. My phone started blowing up just as I was pulling in the garage.

Greers Ferry. We are on the southwest side towards Clinton. Played Mountain Ranch and Tannebaum toda. I am beat right now.

How was Mountain Ranch? I’ve not played it in years. Love that lake it’s beautiful. Enjoy your well earned rest.

I like Tannebaum better than M Ranch. Better layout, scenery and was better maintained in my opinion. Greens at M ranch were slow and I liked the Bentgrass greens better at Tann.
M Ranch has gone down some since last time I played it years ago. Playing 36 holes was rough on my back! But we had fun! I made a couple of birdies on back nine at Tann and shot 75! That score is very good for me. I haven’t touched mid 70’s in a few years.

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