Man, this one hurts

Sudden meltdown by our pitchers & a brilliant performance by their reliever, but I’m just sick about blowing a 5 run lead. MSU isn’t a good team, but they earned this one. Just hope we can win both tomorrow.

I don’t know what their remaining pitchers are like, but their hitters have suddenly come alive.

I only saw our last at bat but was keeping up with on live stats…MSU is a scrappy team and winning a game last this the way we lost it can get u swept…their starter tomorrow in game 1 is very good LH so hopefully we will come out swinging the bats because if w let them get up in us early it could be bad.I trust Murphy but our Offense is so streaky and that has to change.

At least the Corndogs lost and we still have the division lead. Win two tomorrow and it’s no biggie. OM lost a series there and is still considered a likely top seed.

It’s hard to put your closer in a game in the 6 th inning and figure on leaving him in the game to close it out. Now the question is who can close today. The walks scored last night and that was the difference.
The hogs better score today when they have the chance.

Good point on Ole Miss losing there. I think a lot of people see Mississippi State’s record and automatically think it is not a good team. That’s not the case. There are a number of players who were part of the SEC championship team two years ago. Pilkington is an outstanding pitcher. Mangum was the SEC’s batting champion two years ago.

They remind me a little of the 2012 Arkansas football team. That team was talented, but had too many distractions because of poor decisions made by the head coach.

South Carolina beat LSU, 11-0.

Top four teams in the West lost opening game