Man this espn3 streaming

sucks in Sacramento, Ca choppy, freezing and going in and out. Any other place or site to watch this?

Nope. If you go to, or the UA website, it directs you to ESPN3.

It’s generally not an ESPN problem, it’s an internet-provider problem.

Yep. Having the same problem. I believe Swine is correct about it being an internet provider issue.

then my xfinity stinks, got the fastest speed they provide and picture/stream sucks at least volume good

I’ve noticed with the new espn app that I can’t physically connect my phone, with unlimited data/streaming, to my tv using HDMI. It worked on the old app and even the new app, but they just blocked it on the last update. Now I’m stuck watching the game on a mini tablet. With the amount of money that I (everyone here) spend on sports packages and not be able to watch what I paid for and have my viewing options limited then what’s the point? It’s Ridiculous.

Lifelong Hog fan but ESPN is basically a monopoly and it’s not good for any of us.

If you go to SEC Website and bring Baseball up it will show each game. After the game starts it Will come up “W
atch Game”.

I’ve done this before but it completely slipped my mind. I will test this on one of the early games tomorrow and see if I can go hdmi signal out to my tv.

Thank you.

I have no issues watching it on my iPad via ATTUverse. When I streamed it on my Espn app on my tv, it sucked. Both using my same internet provider. If I watched it on my Espn app on my iPad, no issues.

There was a thread on this a while back. Some thought it was a Roku issue. Streaming was fine on tablet or phone but freezing issues when watching on TV using a Roku device.

I watch almost all games using iphone & chromecast, and have zero issues.
However, I do still use the old WatchESPN app instead of the new ESPN app…not sure if that makes a difference or not.


I have infinty and watch on my laptop and very very rarely do I experince anything other than perfect streaming…sorry that you are having problems I know that would totally tick me off!

If you have a smart tv you should be able to go to the apps section and should find the espn app, where you can watch all the games.

It’s always about bandwidth in your pipe. I get that issue at times where I live. Limited bandwidth. In fact provider tells me “it’s exhausted” in my rural neighborhood. But at times, it’s terrific. Did not buffer once last night. It was only game I could not attend because of guests in town.

I am about to switch to Direct TV because of the buffering. It will likely be for 18 months. The local electric company is burying high speed fiber optics in my area but won’t get to my street for at least one year. I have bribed the workers with cookies and other stuff to try to get them to take my fork in the road first but they went the other way. There were more houses the other way. It will take a bit to get that stretch done. Oh well.

Do you have a smart TV or AppleTV, Amazon Firestick, or Roku? That way you can watch on the app on TV and you data/streaming won’t matter and not have to use your phone.

Thank you, I appreciate your response. Just to be clear, no internet access where I am visiting so I can’t use the chromecast or the smart tv component. I have had zero problems for the past several years using iPad and iPhone (in my case) data for getting the games with the old “watch espn” app then going video out of those devices to the hdmi on tv. The new espn app has just taken away that ability to view paid for content. I have no problems going video out using Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube, etc. Zero problems.

I contacted espn customer support and they told me that they just removed that functionality and the last update due to their concerns over people recording their content. I’ve been able to watch espn for year’s doing this and now that’s been taken away from us.

Just letting people know. Thanks guys.

Count your blessings! When I was a student at UA there were usually only two college football broadcasts each Saturday, one was a national game and the second usually a regional came, you got the game being broadcast in your region. College baseball games on TV? Fogetaboutit! (Of course this was in the Paleolithic Period)

I’m in the same boat that Clay is in.
I have DirecTV and it has the ESPN app. However you do have to have an ESPN subscription. I got the ESPN+ on the DTV app but couldn’t get anything on ESPN3.
I used my Amazon Fire Stick and downloaded the ESPN app with my Amazon subscription. I get it all now. Watching some of the steaming games yesterday, I had a few issues with the screen freezing for short periods of time. However it got really good last night. Didn’t have any issues watching the Hogs/TCU game.

Ok…gotcha. Just trying to help a fellow Hog fan out. :slight_smile:

I get it. I suffered through it too… But these are different days. “Broadcast” is ubiquitous, We all paid for this functionality, I had it two weeks ago and now it’s gone. Why take away my ability to output my video/audio signal through a hardline to my tv? Netflix doesn’t do that, nor does Amazon, HBO, Showtime, Hulu, Cinemax, etc. The Internet/WiFi is not always available… So let me continue to use my ability to hardline from my cell device to a tv. It’s a feature that shouldn’t be taken away.

Btw, Here’s what’s coming very shortly in our future… When 5G is available “your” device will provide all the internet/bandwidth you will ever need for anything that you will ever want to watch, with Data capable of multiple 8K Broadcasts. It will render that tiny line coming to your house for internet AND Sat/Cable obsolete. The political games being played right now to protect old tech is frustrating to watch. I am tired of paying for something 2-3 times over— Sat provider, internet provider, cell service. I pay for one method of delivery instead of three now and it’s only going to get exponentially better in the near future. But let’s not let corporations screw us into having to keep paying for things we don’t need due to their gatekeeping.

I appreciate you weighing in… Just something I thought others in remote locations that don’t have internet would appreciate.

Thank you, I really appreciate that Woodhog14, you’re awesome man! :raised_hands:t2::boar: