Man, the day before the game

And it’s crickets in here. I guess we’re all talked out, huh?

Show me the money

I’ve been stressed over a move yesterday. I’m too old for that kind of thing but living in RV for a month was getting old. The stress was mainly over getting at least one TV hooked up so I could watch the game. The cable people made it out and I have one TV ready to roll.

That is stress for an old man.

I cut the cord two months ago to save money and haven’t bothered to get anything like Sling (or even rabbit ears) to replace it. Haven’t really missed watching TV, to be honest, but I will Saturday. Not enough to sign up for Sling though, or even go to Buffalo Wild Wings. I’ll just channel back to my childhood and listen to the radio.

team we’re playing has a lot to do with it I’m sure.everybody expects a blowout win and kind of taking it with a grain of salt but I’m ready to see how we are improved or at least I hope we are.

I was sequestered for three days this week on a jury for a murder trial in Memphis. No internet, no phone, no TV, no newspaper…no nothing…during opening week of the season…I’m out now (the gunman isn’t getting out, by the way) but the three nights with no Hog news was almost unbearable…I’m soooooo ready to kick this thing off!

I hope they fed you Corky’s for your trouble.

I’ve thought about cutting the cord when my only cable choice was Comcast. Now that I’ve moved the local power company here in Chattanooga (EPB) has cable and (at one time) the fastest internet connection in the country (or so they say). Plus my monthly bill will be about $60 a month cheaper with EPB. Old habits die hard I suppose.

Tuesday I’ll have 3 televisions delivered for the new condo. We have a bonus room upstairs that we’ll call our “Razorback Room”. Totally decorated in Razorback stuff (including Razorback fans we ordered online). That will be where we watch Hog Football get back to winning. Can’t wait.

Chattanooga was supposedly the first city in the country that had gigabyte internet speeds. (My current internet speed on Cox is 16 mbps, so 1.6% of a gig; it’s supposed to be up to 150 mbps but obviously that isn’t happening, and I’ll be happy to ditch a service that is only giving me 11% of the promised speed). According to, some little Spokane suburb is the fastest in the country with almost a gig of speed.

I’m excited to see what CCM will do for this team. I want to see a lot of energy on both sides of the ball. That is what makes good things happen.

Are these Kool-Aid drinking fans, or Mr. Realist Poster fans, lol?

This guy is SOOOO READY for a new era of Arkansas football to kickoff and think it will be awesome! Can’t wait!

Had Corky’s brought in twice, Matt!

(Pardon the boredom…)

Twas the night before football, when all through the board,
Not a poster was active, not even for discord.
The project completed, the stadium all red,
Awaiting Chad Morris, and victories ahead.

OK, that’s all you get. Somebody else pick up with the next verse ,…

The wait is about over and I’m not sure if I’m ready to start the new era, I want to get excited, but don’t want to set expectations out of reach. This game won’t prove much to me unless we lose which I can hardly bare to think about at this time. We should dominate this game I would think as most do, but win move forward and improve is what I want to see from this team to prepare for conference play. Wish the team and coaches well for tomorrow’s game and that we get out with a win and do not sustain any significant injuries. WPS

I think I would gladly be sequestered for three days for two free Corky’s, especially if it included the dry rub ribs or the barbecue nachos.

I just took a break after the CWS. Just waiting for football to start & see the CM era begin.
However I’m getting chill bumps now.

I’m unable to generate my usual enthusiasm this year. Just don’t see us being very good, so it’s harder for me to get excited. That might change if we win our first 3 games as we should & do it by convincing margins. After that, I just want to be competitive with the SEC teams we face & maybe win a couple of them & get to a bowl game.

I know we’re depleted at most positions & the style Morris wants to play is not what these players were recruited to do. Still, if we can show improvement & recruits will buy into hog futures, I see things getting better within 2-3 years. I hope so. I’m running out of “next years” to look forward to.

Unless that case generated a lot of publicity in the Memphis area, that judge should have his butt kicked for sequestering you. Three days isn’t a terrible inconvenience, but it’s a lot to ask of a jury unless there is significant danger of you getting stories about the trial or the crime.

An often heard statement by the Auburn coaching staff…