Man Oh Manny

I sure wish we had red shirted that guy his freshman year. Would be worth so much more to this team as a 5th year senior than as a true frosh. Seems like an almost no brainer since he was a walk on at the time.

Virtually no one redshirts in college basketball. Especially walk-ons. I doubt seriously that Mike, or even Melvin, dreamed that Manny would become the contributor he has.

I’d like him one more year from where he is now. I don’t know if he’d be where he is now if the circumstances were as you wish.

I just hope he is not getting any big ideas from three point land now.

If he could turn himself into our only great passing guard, now that would be a game changer.

Well, he has by far our best assist to turnover ratio at 3.2 - 1. The only other player with even a 2-1 ratio is Trey, at 2.2-1. I’d say he has “turned himself into our only great passing guard”.

As far as his shooting 3s, I hope he continues shooting them so long as the opponent dares him to shoot and leaves him wide open like A&M did. Shooting those, even if he only hits 1 of 3, will help our other shooters because the opponent who’s guarding Manny can’t lay off him to provide help defense. Manny can hit open 3s. What I wouldn’t want to see from Manny is for him to shoot contested 3s.

There is no rule against red shirting. There does seem to be some sort of flat earth, settled science view of it. Would not have cost us a schollie. He’s probably the most red shirtable candidate we’ve had in years. He only got garbage minutes that first year. He would get many minutes to do Manny things next year.