Man Joe may also be one we need to worry about

Leaving early, that shot is so pure, even when he misses they look better than most people’s made shots. Quick release, great form love this kid

I see where Joes name now appears on some draft boards now in the 2nd round

Can you list or link those?

He’s not going anywhere after this year, but you might have to worry about him after two and you sure would have to worry about him after 3.

I don’t worry. Mike will have someone else you don’t even know about ready to go.

I publicly predict Isiah Joe stays for 3 years. There’s a bond between his family and Mike…and I suspect Joe knows he’s waaaaaaaaaaay too frail to play in the NBA anytime soon. I think he goes after his junior year.

Totally agree.

I tend to agree, but $ could change that after year 2. At no fault or blame to anyone.