Man, I like Christian Franklin

He’s about as good a hitter with RISP as we’ve had in a while. Helluva 9 hole hitter. He’s more reliable than either Martin or Kjerstad right now. At least it seems so. Someone with some handy stats might discover otherwise, but he sure seems to come through when he’s most needed. Good runner, too.

Yes he is, like him too. Also very good to see Goodheart starting to hit.

What a catch.

He’s a keeper!

And that game-ending catch just makes it that much better. WPS.

He’s the MVP of today’s game. Gotta be.

He has been the biggest surprise on this team all we heard was a great defensive player he was but he is by far been the most clutch player we’ve had. Now if we can just get some other guys to follow suit. Goodheart had another very good game!

Franklin is going to be really good. He took that pitch right back through the middle too. Martin can do the same thing but he’s trying to yank everything out of the ball park. The only AB Goodheart had I didn’t like was when he bunted!
2-0 in SEC play with the chance to sweep tomorrow is a pretty good start.

Franklin has been awesome.

Right now, he’s the guy I want at the plate with runners on, and that’s shocking. Martin and Heston look like they’re starting to figure it out, except for yesterday for Martin. But as of right now, I’d rather have Franklin up, his RISP average has to be pretty solid.

Franklin understands the game. He will be the center fielder next year.

On the play ending the game he sure showed his range as well as awareness finding the wall and making the catch.

Christian Franklin has been a wonderful addition. He plays
with confidence and maturity.

You better hit the ball hard if you expect it to find some grass in our outfield with three greyhounds out there running them down

You also better be cautious about trying to tag and advance on a fly ball too! They are all fast but have good arms too!

Nothing but a bright future for this young Hog…